6 Tips to Design Instagram Shoppable Posts to Ensure Sales and Better Revenues

shoppable posts on Instagram to increase

Instagram has evolved much over the years, especially when it comes to improving the way people shop on this photo-sharing social media app. Today, IG product tags, as well as shoppable stickers, are some of the best assets of brands, including the all-new checkout option and the shopping channel on the Explore tab. This way, shoppable feeds help in narrowing the bridge between product finding and sales.

According to an article published on Forbes, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing social platform is improving access to the shopping feature to small businesses, creators, as well as, influencers, who want to sell their products.

Therefore, it becomes essential to design stunning Instagram content or posts that resonate with your followers and display your products in the best light. Here are six useful tips to create stunning shoppable posts on Instagram for enhanced sales and returns:

  1. Make the best of photoshoot visuals and create a lookbook with carousels

Instagram lets you tag as many as 20 products through a carousel post, which has 10 images. It means you get a great opportunity to highlight your products from the recent photoshoot of your products. Your carousel post may serve as a lookbook for your new product line, or for that matter, a unique campaign launch. Therefore, do not hesitate to experiment with carousel posts and remember to add your products tagged in every Instagram photo.

  1. Ensure all shoppable posts are in synchronization with your IG aesthetic

When it comes to Instagram posts, it means working very hard when designing photos or creating videos that score high as far as aesthetics are concerned. Instagram aesthetics must mirror your brand persona and style, and the content must look consistent and curated across every post. Therefore, do not disturb the beautiful flow with a random shoppable post that sticks out from the other posts you shared. It means that the things you choose for your shoppable posts must be in synchronization with your overall IG aesthetics.

It means using the same theme, editing method, style, tone, filter, and content for your shoppable posts. Your shoppable posts must match flawlessly with the other posts in your Instagram feed.

  1. Spread out numerous product tags in a single photo

It is important to note that the space on your smartphone screen is limited, even when you are seeing an IG Story. Therefore, when you want to tag multiple products in one photo or post, make certain that you space out the tags uniformly to ensure they do not overlie and block information shown in the tag. You can add up to five tags in a post.

In case, you find it difficult to accommodate all the tags in a single post, follow the less is more principle. You may tag the remaining items in another Instagram post later, or for that matter, create a carousel post. Remember neat, high-definition posts help you buy likes on Instagram compared to blurry, cluttered images.

  1. Check all your shopping tags twice to ensure that they direct to the correct products

Although this may seem an obvious thing to say, many marketers mess it up. There is nothing more annoying than a broken link, more so, when your customers want to do some quick shopping.

When it comes to Instagram shopping tags, they help people to shop quickly without much ado. Therefore, take some time out of your busy schedule to check the shoppable tag links and test all posts before making them live on Instagram. It makes a huge difference to your customers’ shopping experience and eventually sales.

  1. Make the most of user-generated content for stunning shoppable posts

When you have user-generated content that your audiences shared, featuring your business products, you may use such content in your shoppable posts. When it comes to user-generated content, it is one of the best ways to highlight your brand and products and at the same time, allowing your customers to become the supporters of your products.

Make sure you seek permission from users before re-posting their content. Then, utilize user-generated content in moderation and avoid overdoing it. As far as shoppable posts are concerned, phase user-generated content in and space out your IG shopping posts across your stories as well as feeds.

  1. Benefit from descriptive hashtags to make them searchable

You need to optimize your shoppable posts on Instagram because the algorithm takes them seriously. Use descriptive hashtags to make your posts searchable and ensure people follow your posts on the Explore tab. Your posts should also show up in the all-new shopping channel. Users also follow descriptive hashtags and therefore, you have more opportunity to make your products discoverable by the right people who show genuine interest in your brand and products.


Now that you have these tips handy, create awesome shoppable posts on Instagram to increase likes, comments, shares, and engagement. You also need to track post performance using Instagram analytics.


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