Reasons: Why Yahoo Mail Not Sending Emails

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When we come across the world of technology and besides technology when we hear about how people are connected to each other from miles of distance is something enormous. Our world has grown and advanced so beautifully that it is something appreciable, we as a human living in the place where everything functions is technology and only technology. All the force or we can say ideas behind the essential achievements of humans to achieve the level is something remarkable.

People are conditionally gone crazy over excessive use and availability of technology which somehow has proved helpful in many ways. I would rather recommend being more enhanced and utilising the skills into something productive which later is in favour of the population all across the globe.


We’ve heard about the phrase “Everything bad has its pros too” and it’s a known certified fact of the real world scenarios where from gaming to social media, WhatsAppto Instagram, snap chat to telegram, Netflix to Amazon prime has occupied the minds of each and every being.

  • Mails helping to prevent professional terms successfully i.e. rabbit, SBCglobal, yahoo, Gmail etc.
  • WhatsApp, Instagrametc. is a source to reach out people casually and have other entertainment information.
  • Social media platforms like Facebook have significantly provided space for people to connect and know each other which is among one of the popular platforms globally.


Similarly the upper mentioned platforms serve as a con too which quite a well is known reality among the people. As a matter of fact technology has really occupied or had complete access to the world in a way which has made people shallow, rude and ignorant to some extent towards each other.

  • Lack of real conversations between people.
  • Lack of time to spend with.
  • Unavailability towards others.
  • Not able to get proper sleep to which it harms the health.

Beside the social media platforms, now I would like to grab your attention towards the most important part of our lives through which we’re unable to access our Google accounts. It is the platform which provides us access to enter in the life of the hacking world, which offers us information about a technology used by other people to get on our own one.

I guess till now you would have got an idea of what I’m talking about which is “EMAILS”.

In the world of email’s the quality of being varied and specifications, we’ve many of the registered platforms which provide similar services but yet offer dialects of features i.e. yahoo, rabbit, ATT, SBCglobal, Gmail etc.

Talking about the platforms that have been in the market from ages and has provided its platform to one of the brands named ATT is Yahoo.


Yahoo is one the biggest American companies which provide its email services through yahoo mail. It was launched in 1997 and has grown consecutively over the years with 225 million users in January 2020. It offers four different email plans i.e. 3 of them are for personal use and the fourth is for business purpose for which I would say is the main usage and the reason behind the format of inventing mails.

Yahoo only allows users to use to register their accounts otherwise not and for many years users were able to open their accounts with “” or “”.

In the business of mails where it offers many abilities to form connections worldwide, it also comes with some errors and issues causing inconvenience in one’s life.


Yahoo has provided yahoo chat rooms for people to connect and create connections with random people too by just sharing their email id through yahoo messenger. Users can easily invite each other and have chat with the use of interesting GIF and emoji’s. It is one of the attractive features yahoo has initiated.

Issues that occur while using yahoo mail

There are several issues like sometimes users are unable to access their yahoo account, cannot even login into their respective accounts, Yahoo mail not receiving and sending emails or yahoo mail not working.

The yahoo mail outgoing service is which creates problems if not configured in an orderly manner.

Solutions to fix sending email issue

  • Firstly, make sure the problem is not at the end of yahoo mail.
  • Secondly, Check your connectivity- weak connection would rather create problems in sending or receiving emails.
  • Thirdly, check whether the cables aren’t tangled or crimped.
  • if facing issues in your yahoo mail app then uninstall the app and again reinstall it as few files may be corrupted causing such issues.
  • Check whether the attachment you’re sending along with your mail isn’t more than 25MB, if yes then reduce the file size. As yahoo does not allow its users to send an attachment of more than 25MB due to security reasons. Lead to the next step if this is not the error.
  • Check with the person to whom you’re sending mails- if he/she hasn’t received them in their spam. This is the major cause that creates the Yahoo mail not sending emails
  • Check your user id and password.
  • Check the outgoing and incoming server details and if they aren’t configured correctly then do them right.
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