ARRI Orbiter LED Light: A Closer Look

ARRI Orbiter LED Light

ARRI, one of the most important name in professional filmmaking equipment, is releasing the next generation, expert level, LED light. The ARRI Orbiter, first announced at IBC 2019, may be lighting fixtures up maximum upcoming movie sets once it’s far released, much like the SkyPanel earlier than it.

Key Features of the ARRI Orbiter:

  • Six coloration LED light engine for ultra-wide coloration gamut with excessive accuracy
  • Perfect white overall performance and terrific color rendering from 2,000K to 20,000K
  • Output extra than a 2K tungsten
  • Quick lights mount (QLM) for rapid changing of accessories
  • Variety of accessories; open face optics of different beam angles, projection optics with gobos, soft containers, and more
  • Integrated shade sensor reads ambient light colour and levels
  • Redesigned user interface and detachable manipulate panel
  • Full suite of connectors; Built-in Wireless DMX, Ethernet Daisy chaining
  • Weatherproof housing

While at an ARRI event on the Berlinale International Film Festival in February, I got the possibility to take some pix of and feature a short play with the ARRI Orbiter. This became a pre-production model of which there are currently best a handful in the world. I wasn’t able to test the Orbiter thoroughly because it become within the middle of an event full of people, however what I saw inspired me and I am sincerely looking forward to working with this versatile light when it’s miles released.

Ready for Film Production Work

The Orbiter is a 6-color channel LED mild with first rate output, fantastic coloration rendition, and an integrated electricity supply, so there is no separate ballast, which is extraordinarily convenient. The unit is very solidly constructed and will definitely hold up to tough movie set usage. I wouldn’t have anticipated any less from ARRI. The Orbiter Outdoor Lights is not almost as heavy as its length would lead you to believe , weighing in at around 33 pounds (approximately 15kg). Also, the casing is weatherproof, making it a true manufacturing workhorse than can cope with any state of affairs you throw at it

The Orbiter is a factor supply light, so it is able to cast nicely defined, hard shadows. Many different LED fixtures either start out as a soft mild or are made of an array of smaller LED’s, which can’t reflect the difficult edges created by single point sources.

QLM and Accessories

The the front of the Orbiter accepts specific kinds of attachments the use of the proprietary Quick Lighting Mount (QLM), so you can take that hard source and adjust it with distinctive accessories. Some of the ones that are to be had are open faced optics which reduce the beam attitude to distinct degrees, projection optics with gobos for unique directing and slicing of the mild, and soft containers and domes for softening the light.

Brightness & Fan

The number one question I imagine people need to recognize is how vivid is this light? Without thorough checking out it’s far difficult to say, but as an estimate I could put the overall output at slightly brighter than a 2K tungsten mild or someplace among a 400W and an 800W HMI. I might want to interrupt out a light meter, dispose of all other light sources, and run more thorough testing with facet-by-facet comparisons to figure that out more precisely.

Most powerful LED units have fan cooling and this mild is not any exception. When I first got to the unit it had been running at 37.3% strength for as a minimum an hour and I didn’t observe any fan noise. When I raised it to full electricity I did observe the fan, however it became honestly now not loud. This is some other object that could definitely be tested under higher conditions. In the menu system I did notice that there is a low-noise mode which is some thing that is high-quality when you need to be near the skills with the mild

User Interface and Control Panel

The consumer interface is a huge step up from the SkyPanel and borrows from the pleasant of the SkyPanel UI as well as the Stellar String Light app from ARRI. The manage unit pops out of the returned of the mild and you could connect it with a cable, giving you full control from a great distance.

The manipulate unit uses a clickable dial and several buttons to navigate the menu with a very vibrant screen. The control panel’s capacity to pop out looks as if a simple thing, but it is that a serious improvement. I can’t inform you the range of times I wish I had the USB far flung for the SkyPanel instead of having to climb a ladder to change the settings


The Orbiter comes with each wired, in addition to CRMX Wireless, DMX, Ethernet daisy chaining, USB-C, USB-A, and an SD card slot. All those ports, inputs, and outputs permit the Orbiter to paintings with different lights devices, in addition to future-proofing via the capacity to be updated. The wireless DMX characteristic is very exciting as it will exercise session of the field with a pill for smooth controlling of the mild remotely.


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