The Secret Sauce to Gain More Graphic Design Clients Using Instagram

Graphic Design Clients

Instagram is a visual platform with millions of businesses and users promoting their content to get noticed to build personal or product brand awareness. Therefore, the photo-sharing social media tool is perfect for graphic designers looking for potential clients.

According to an article published on, your portfolio is all that matters as a graphic designer to highlight your work as well as creative acumen. Highlighting your work not only helps you to show off your designing skills or talent, attract followers, but also converts these followers into leads.

You may have outstanding graphic design skills, but unless you show your potential clients your talent, how will they trust you as a designer and give you work? That is the reason why we have listed some of the best ways you can use Instagram to gain more graphic design clients.

Select the best profile picture

You need to have the best profile picture on your Instagram account because it is the first thing a new followerwould notice on the platform. It is that one thingthat sets you apart in the IG feed and leaves the first good impression on your targeted audience.

Ensure that your Instagram profile picture stand for your brand, be it personal or your graphic design agency. You are also free to include the logo of your company. The image size should be perfect. IG lets you upload your profile photo within a circle and so ensure that the chosen image emphasizes in the circular frame. When you select your photo using your image, choose the right background.

Integrate a website, service, or portfolio link

No matter in which field you excel, in this age of global competition, you must emphasize your talent and skill-sets. As far as online portfolios are concerned, they let you highlight your creative designing skills to potential clients on Instagram so that they can hire you for work.

That is the reason why you need to share a link to your graphic design website, or URLs of your portfolio page or services. When you have links, it will help you grab the attention of more clients.

Besides integrating a link to your IG bio, incorporate links to Instagram Stories. Even if stories stay for 24 hours, it is the best way to keep your followers updated with your new content or posts. When you post high-quality photos or videos related to graphic design, it will help you get comments on Instagram like never before.

Write engaging Instagram captions

Instagram is a visual platform no doubt, but that does not mean you will not focus on writing engaging captions for your posts. A caption is the best way to communicate some information about your posts. It will help you tell an interesting story behind an illustration or logo design, amuse your audience, and persuade them to take some kind of action after reading your IG captions.

When you post an image of a logo you have designed, write a catchy caption about the importance of a grid while designing a logo. Write a short, simple sentence that makes your point clear to your audience. Additionally, inform your followers that your next video post would highlight the process of designing a logo using grids.

Post Instagram content regularly and on time

You would like to build authority, increase follower count, boost brand awareness, as well as retain followers. To achieve all this, you will need to post Instagram content regularly and at the right time. Think about how many posts you want to publish daily, maintaining consistency. Usually, you need to post 2-3 posts daily, a formula that works.

Studies indicate that 60 percent of American Instagram users use this photo-sharing app every day. Most of them engage with IG content during the weekends, but that does not imply you cannot post from Monday to Friday.

No matter what industry you cater to, you need to post IG content at 1.00 pm as well as at 5.00 pm. The best day to post content is Friday. Then, if you would like to reach out to potential clients in a different time zone, plan your Instagram content according to their time zone.

In case, for a day or two, you do not have anything interesting to share on IG, simply skip that day. There is no point in publishing blurry or irrelevant photos or videos. Then, do not make the habit of skipping posts frequently.


Instagram is a visually rich and friendly social media platform and therefore, post content that appeals to your targeted audience. Avoid hard-selling on IG and never give your followers the idea that you reach out to them because you want to sell your products or services. Post images, videos, and write captions that tell more about your design expertise without being pushy about sales. A prospective client will hire you if he or she likes your graphic design work.


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