What is Google Enterprise? Great Benefits From Google Businesses

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Google for our lives today is a great tool, it helps us find information, answer people’s questions. Not only that, this is also an effective tool to support the marketing process for businesses. Businesses that want to be more known are forced to have high impressions on this search engine. Currently, Google has built a lot of the best support for businesses promoting the brand, including Google Business or Google Business. So what is Google Business? and how it has great benefits, please follow the following article.

  1. What is Google Enterprise?

Google Business is also known as Google My Business. First, this is a google tool that helps businesses to best manage their online presence on google. This online presence is represented by Google Search (Google search) and Google Maps (Google map). The most convenient thing is that this tool is completely free and easy to use because all the main instructions have been prepared by Google.

The display style of Google business includes 2 types as follows:

Firstly, display your business information on Google:

Second, show the map in the search results page.

  1. Great benefits that Google Business brings

A business when doing any business would like customers to know you. This is the reason that you should use Google Business because this tool only brings the most practical benefits only. Some great benefits can be listed, such as:

Manage your information

According to a 2014 statistic from Google, businesses that declare and verify their information with Google My Business are likely to be rated twice as reputable by consumers. Not only that, but with this tool you can easily manage the information that Google users see when they search for the business, products or services you provide. But you also need to make sure that when they find your business on Google Search or Google Maps, they have access to information like the time, website and address of the business.

To understand it more simply, you should optimize your information on Google Business because this information will be displayed when users search for your business, and obviously this information will be evaluated by them. because it shows that your business is real.

Interact with customers

Customers and businesses are more difficult to connect with each other on the website if the business website does not show the comment and evaluation features. Therefore, businesses in addition to using the website must also have more social networking sites to interact with customers better. But with Google Business everything becomes a lot easier. Because now customers can leave comments directly, help you read and respond to reviews from customers better, and can also post photos showing what you do.

A small statistic that Google tells businesses is when they add photos to the list, they get 42% more driving directions on Google Maps and get 35% more clicks through their website than businesses don’t do this.

Help customers capture information and expand business presence

Finally, Google Business helps customers searching for businesses to view more details. This is the reason you can use this tool to help customers capture more information and expand your business presence. In particular, customers will appreciate the reputation of the business through viewing reviews from customers who have used or known the company’s products and services. In addition, businesses can view information about how many people call the business directly from the phone number displayed on local search results in Google Maps and Google Search. Keep creating and tracking the performance of AdWords Express campaigns to promote your business, which helps expand your brand presence even more.

Hope through the article What is Google Enterprise? Great benefits from our Google Business will help businesses better understand this really great tool from Google and apply it right away for your business boost strategies by 2020.


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