5 Best Antivirus Apps for iOS

Antivirus Apps for iOS

The iOS is supposed to be very secure, and because of its garden wall, the risk on services and software running on the iOS platform is zero. Even with the security that iOS offers, no security is a 100% secure, and users still need to be careful.

Most security vendors and anti-virus companies tailor products that are specifically of iOS users. The installation of the best antivirus for iOS ensures you are protected from antiviruses and other threats.

1.   Avast Security and Privacy

If you are searching for the best and most secure antivirus iOS app, then Avast Security and Privacy are it. Avast is among the top anti-malware and security providers for desktops, and its mobile solutions carry the same weight.

The app has strong real-time antivirus protection and scanning, as well as malicious site blocking. The app has a feature that scans Wi-Fi networks to ensure they are secure, and if there is doubt, the app notifies you. Another feature in the app helps to ensure that you utilize all the privacy settings available on your device.

The company offers a free tier and a premium one. The latter offers extra options like an online ID checker to curb the sharing of your email and password online, and a photo vault for image protection. Extras include a VPN, which encrypts your online connections, even when logged into unsecured networks. Avast offers a free 14-day trial for the premium version, and then you can decide whether to subscribe monthly or annually.

2.   Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security has 30 years of experience in device protection. It offers a free VPN for data encryption and to hide your browsing activities. Avira has an Identity Safeguard that checks for email leaks, an anti-theft Phone Locator, Web protection to guard against malicious websites and a siren that alerts anyone near your phone that the person holding it is a thief.

The app allows you to create a Blacklist of phone numbers you are not interested in picking and blocks spam and texts. The app scans all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network and allows for backup and restoration of all contacts to Google Drive, Dropbox or email. Its Device Analyser will enable you to keep a tab on your iOS device’s memory and storage use.

3.   Lookout

Lookout keeps your iPhone or iPad safe via several layers of deep protection, depending on the version chosen. Lookout Basic provides a System Advisor, which notifies you of any outdated software, and alerts for a missing device such as Locate and Scream, Theft Alerts and Signal Flare, which alerts everyone near the thief.

ID Scan determines if your email has been a victim of a data breach, and give suggestions on what to do if it has. For a fee, Lookout Premium provides Safe Wi-Fi, secure browsing, reports any breaches affecting an app, service or company you are using, and advises accordingly.

The Lookout Premium Plus, which is available only in the US is more costly but includes all above features and Watch, Identity Restoration and Theft Insurance, identity theft protection with Cyber Watch, Lost Wallet Recovery tools and SSN (Social Security Number)

4.   McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security boasts of Security Scan, Media Vault, which encrypts your photos and has to be opened with a PIN, Contacts backup, Touch and Face ID. It has Anti-Theft Protection, which includes remote wiping of iDevice, photo capture and email of thief’s photo, GPS tracker which locates phone across the globe and remote alarm triggered from Apple Watch.

It also offers Wi-Fi scans that enable you to browse safely anywhere and alert you of issues. These options are free, and the premium standard plan provides a safe web feature, which guards against malicious sites. The costlier premium Plus plan offers Unlimited Wi-Fi Guard VPN, which provide IP address from Malaysia and other countries,

and all other features from the standard plan. The premium plans have no ads like the free version, and both have a 7-day trial.

5.   Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro Mobile Security has website filters for both Safari browser and others. It blocks trackers and ads, reduces data usage and increases loading speeds. It has its browser called SafeSurfing, which ensures your browsing history is secure, no mature content or malicious sites load.

It scans incoming text for malicious links, which are isolated if they are harmful. This app, via the Social Network Privacy Feature, scans privacy settings of your social media pages and alerts you of issues. It has anti-theft measures that allow you to locate your iDevice via GPS, cell towers or Wi-Fi. This app is not free but offers a free trial.


While they say the iOS is secure, it is always good to be prepared for anything. Try out one of these security and antivirus apps to be on the safe side.


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