5 Most Popular Magento Themes 2021

Magento Themes

Magento is the most popular professional eCommerce platform available in 2021. It won’t be wrong to say that it is a platform made by keeping professionals in mind. There are many reasons that Magento is trusted and used by some of the most popular brands of the eCommerce world, and one of them is the customization possibilities available.

With Magento, everything is under your control, and anything can be customized. Although most of the professionals who use Magento 2 multiple stores  develop their themes from scratch, Magento is not only confined to professional users but can also be used by beginners to make their eCommerce store. Magento provides a vast range of paid and free themes for the new users to give them a kickstart they need.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 themes available for Magneto so that you can choose a theme that best matches your requirements.

  1. Ketty-Fashion Store Magento Theme:

Ketty is a paid Magento theme developed by Zemez Company that specializes in creating the eCommerce platform’s themes and plugins. They provide theme development services for all the big eCommerce platforms, so it is clear that their designed themes are on the top of the market.

Ketty Theme features:

  1. Four years of regular updates: when you buy the Ketty theme, it comes with four years of regular updates for the theme and modules included in it.
  2. Premade templates: This theme also comes with seven premade homepage templates that can get you started in no time.
  3. Magento extensions are also embedded with Magento extensions like the accelerated mobile page and image slider block.

Ketty-fashion store theme is the best theme that can be used for fashion-based eCommerce stores. It has all the necessary tools to make your eCommerce journey smooth and easy.

  1. F2-Fashion Boutique Magento Theme:

Another Magento theme by Zemez. ECommerce stores of any category can use this theme. F2 theme is ready to be used, out of the box. There are also many customization options available that can be used to give your site a more personal touch.

F2 Theme features:

  1. Extension pack: F2 theme comes with an extensive extension pack. This pack includes more than a dozen valuable extensions that can help you make your website more responsive and professional.
  2. Premade templates: F2 comes with premade homepage, header, footer, and product page templates from which you can choose the best for you and completely customize their design.
  3. Accelerated mobile pages: This feature of F2 make mobile web content appear immediately. It can make your mobile page loading speed four times faster.
  4. Next:

Next is the free Magento 2 theme that is made especially for eCommerce stores dealing in electronic products. This free version of Next comes with several features that can make a pretty decent eCommerce store.

Next Theme features:

  1. Mobile optimized: This theme auto-optimization for mobile and tablets is up to the mark, and in most cases, not even a single tweak is needed to make your eCommerce store mobile responsive.
  2. Promotion bars: Its promotion bar feature can help you display new offers, discounts, and deals to your store so that it can grab customers’ attention and lure them in making sales.
  3. Unique block design: its static block designs can help you make stunning and professional landing and homepages and let you display your store’s best selling products in style.

If you have a low budget and don’t want to spend on paid themes but still want a great experience, you should go for the Next theme.

  1. Apparel:

It is another free theme for Magento 2. This theme is made for all the eCommerce stores that deal in fashion, food, and accessories.

Apparel Theme features:

  1. New and sale product label: You can highlight your new and on-sale products using product labels offered by the apparel theme.
  2. Cross-browser compatibility: The apparel theme is compatible with all the top web browsers so that no customer feels left out.
  3. Mobile ready: This theme is fully mobile optimized and can easily handle any customization you can throw at it.
  4. UB Trex:

Trex is a free Magento 2 theme by uber theme. It has a classical and flat design look and can be used for an eCommerce store of any category.

Trex Theme features:

  1. Flexible list and grid view: Trex provides a highly customizable product list menu that can help sort the products quickly and fashionably.
  2. Mini cart: Mini cart widget can help you provide a better experience to your customers by assisting them to view and manage their cart without taking them away from the product page.
  3. Fully responsive design: Trex is a fully responsive theme that can handle customization quite well and supports many devices.

All of the above themes are at the top of their game and can help a new user to start their eCommerce store in no time. Now, it’s up to your needs that you should buy one of the premium themes or choose a free one.



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