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This was a popular website based on different movies which were divided into categories related to movie story. You can watch online movies free of cost and at the same time you can download it by selecting its graphic quality which ranges from 420p to 1020p. This website offered you to download a movie in high graphics quality and it occupied low MB space in your storage devices. Khatrimaza’s latest free online movies were available right after 2 or 3 days when a movie was released. This website was working illegally, so it was a crime to use this website.

Website had a great collection of movies and each and every movie was uploaded illegally because it copied others movies content and published them on its home page. By doing this, the website ranked high too early and it worked world wide. This site had a great traffic which brought it on top rated movies websites. By the help of its traffic this website earned too much and it left a great impact on the collection of box office. This website also destroyed producers’ wealth who invested to make a movie and when they launched it in cinema or theatre they did not earn much because some people who did not afford cinema tickets just to watch the movie so they turned to black market where a gang available for selling the same movie cheaper than cinema tickets. In this way the film industry got lost day by day.

How it got banned:

When a pirated website was in Google investigation then it changed its URL by doing this website got more time to business but the website operators knew that at the end they would be caught and it happened. Google banned khatrimaza for its illegal activities. This website stayed in the market for 9 years and got many users. If someone is caught by Google Authority then that person might be fined or sent to jail.

This website was used for downloading or watching movies free of cost. You did not need any credit card to pay for the movie or a bank account number. You got movies within a few easy steps that were to open the main page of the site, select the movie category, select that you wanted to download or watch and click to save or watch by online stream at the end select the graphics quality of movie in which you can easily watch movies. So, this was an easy to use and friendly-user website.

Is it easy to use:

If you wanted to check all the movies which were on this website then go with Khatrimaza full movie download. In this case you got all the categories that appeared on your screen and it was up to you what kind of movie you wanted to watch in your free time. This website was the best option to watch online movies without paying any penny at its time. This movie website gives you the best resolution like HD, Ultra HD and 4K movies if your media player supports it. Movies came through illegal sources which were considered as crime, so stay away from pirated websites.

Movies were cool if you entered in khatrimaza cool collection where you were able to see thousands of free online movies or you can download them in a few minutes by choosing your desired quality of graphics but remembered using this website was illegal. Some of the alternatives legal website where from you watch and download movies that were You tube, IMDb, Netflix Tubi TV, Crackle and so many other legal websites that are easy to use and also safe to use.

Many movies were leaked by this website which were top rated such as Bahubali, Chapak, Ghost Stories, Good News and so many other movies were not to be ignored. If you want to know all about this pirated website then must visit on Concept BB. It is a platform which gives you all information related to Health, Business, Entertainment and information and technology. This website published a complete properly informative article on khatrimaza that may help you to get the entire related information.

Is it safe to use:

You just need to know that pirated websites are working illegally and promoting them is a crime. So you should keep distance from these pirated websites may they put you in trouble in future and you will be punished or fined. Once you get a fine or punishment then your name will always be kept in record so any time they can investigate you. But if you do not use pirated websites by using other legal websites it may keep you safe and sound from all the threats which were given to pirated website users. So try to find a legal website that makes you safe from any penalty for using illegal content.  Everyone should stand against piracy.

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