boAt Micro USB 150 – Best Micro USB cable for faster charging and data transfer speeds

Micro USB cable

In a world where we often complain about not having enough time, who likes to wait while their favorite gadget is plugged in for charge? That’s why many phones, speakers, earphones and so on come with a fast charge technology that ensures that our devices are up and ready to use in no time! 

But do you know – you just don’t only need a fast charging device but also need the best charging cable to ensure that your devices get the right amount of current in the given time in order to be ready? 

Now you also need to understand that since you are going to use this on your favorite gadgets, they should be safe and durable as you don’t want them to be harmed due to any sparking or high voltage. And yes, we understand that you definitely don’t want to invest in a wire that gets broken or damaged just after a few days of the purchase! 

As most of the devices even today support a micro USB (Universal Serial Bus) port, it is suggested to have a closer look at the specifics before hitting the buy button! And definitely do not forget to have a look at the port of your devices, for micro, type c or any other kind of connector!

That’s why we are here to introduce you to one of the best Micro USB cables available in the market! Meet boat’s micro USB cable 150! 

Packed with many remarkable features, this cable will come really handy when it comes to quickly charging your device or transfer data at a faster speed:

Comfortably compatible

We understand that you depend on a wide plethora of devices like smartphones, speakers, tablets, gaming consoles to make your life easier and fun, but that doesn’t mean that you also need to have that many wires that support them! Additionally, having and taking care of so many wires will definitely be a pain.That’s why boAt’s micro USB cable 150 is universally compatible, meaning that you can connect it to various devices of your choice (of course they need to support the micro usb plugs).

Charge it up in a jiffy

As already stated, nobody has the time to wait for their favorite device to get charged. With so much to browse on the web and so much brilliant music to listen to on our speakers, who even likes to waste any time on charging? And that’s why this micro USB cable allows a quick charge at 2A speed. Meaning you can count on this best fast charging cable when it comes to your charging needs!

Transfer data at an unbelievable speed and ease

You have an important presentation today for which you worked the entire night! Now that it’s done and ready to welcome applause, you are running out on time as you want to carry it in your hard drive?

 If only you had a cable which could transfer data in no time!

You will never be stuck in a situation like this if you have this best micro USB cable as it supports a transmission speed of 480Mps. So, just connect your devices and it will allow a fast and smooth transfer in the minimum possible time. 

It has the power

Now let’s be just honest. We do not take proper care of our wires and cables. They are often just grabbed, bent, thrown and shoved into our pockets. Some people might even go ahead and relate to the fact that their dogs or pets even sometimes chew on them. 

boAt’s micro USB 150 cable comes with a 7000+ bend lifespan and can withstand the rough usage, any day!

Braided beauty: 

Now if you think that all these features must be packed in a dull body then you are in for a surprise. It’s cotton braided skin looks absolutely colourful and makes it stand out from the crowd. What’s also interesting to note here is the fact that this braiding gives the cable its strength and makes it durable . It is invincible against external damage. 

Extra sleek and Extra tough:

If you are tired of standing next to your charging port then this cable will provide you the freedom of using your devices while sitting lazily on your couch. All thanks to its length! The 1.5m long and strong wire is here. Additionally, the tangle free design allows you to switch to the knot-free life.
Now that you have gone through all the benefits and features of this remarkable micro USB cable, we are sure that you will never face any trouble when it comes to your connectivity or charging needs!

Out of all the options available in the market, this is clearly the one that will fit into your pocket and your socket!


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