Top 9 Free Apps Every Woman Can Use

Free apps for women

Let’s admit it: You probably carry your device about with you all the time like it’s an additional flexor you shouldn’t have to feed. If we’re going to be carrying our phones around with us all the while, it’s definitely an excellent idea to ensure we have the critical apps on our devices.

We’re presuming that the majority of users have installed the basic social apps and that everybody uses the calculator app on a constant schedule. Furthermore, in the spirit of being the greatest grown-ups, we can be, there are a number of apps that we should all be using. Here are 9 apps to explore for your device, and they’re all mostly free.

1. Flo


Flo is one of the most widely used period apps. You can keep track of your periods and use it to predict things like when your flow will start. It has 70+ signs, such as bloating, cramping, mood swings, and sleep quality, pinpointed as part of your cycles using the application. There’s also a network of folks you can talk to about sexual and reproductive health concerns, as well as a wealth of tests, blogs, and views to help you understand more about your body.

These are notable features, however, several app reviews noted that if you report that you are expectant or missed your periods, you can transform this app into a pregnancy monitor. There’s also agreement that the free elements are valuable even if you don’t get a paid subscription.

2. Mint


Mint is a personal financial application that makes managing your money a breeze. You can monitor your expenditures and create spending plan to keep on pace with your finances. Mint is for you if you want want to put some money aside towards something particular such as getting enough money to work with an eyelash factory to start your own eyelash supply store or simply want to find out just how much you waste at a certain store monthly. Or maybe how much you spend on your skincare products.

3. Flipboard


Flipboard organizes the news you care about into one convenient area. When you install the application, you may choose the types of stories you want to read, and Flipboard will create “publications” of current news depending on your preferences. It’s a terrific way to sort out your news and stay up to date on the topics that interest you the most.

4. Wunderlist



Wunderlist will become your new best buddy if you enjoy making lists. You may keep track of your individual tasks as well as construct cooperative checklists for items like work or household chores.

5. Practo


Do you want to improve your health-care knowledge and utilization? Practo allows you to arrange check ups, get drugs online, and keep track of your health files in one place. So there’s no reason for you not to reap the benefits of your employer-provided dental coverage.



Duolingo will assist you in crossing something off your bucket list: studying a new language. It’s free, simple to use, and turns learning a new language into a game. Is Candy Crush going to be able to teach you German? Most likely not. Duolingo makes studying a language enjoyable and accessible, and it’ll quickly become your new preferred pastime. If you think it’s a dissipate of time to master a lasting skill.

7. SafeTrek


Many women are concerned about going back alone for good cause. SafeTrek, for example, makes your trip substantially less frightening at the touch of a button. Simply launch the app and press the safe button with your finger. When you let go of your thumb, the app will urge you to enter your pin to let it know you’re alright. If you’re in trouble, simply release the button and leave your pin blank. The app will alert local cops to your position, and somebody will be dispatched to assist you. It’s like a digital capsicum spray or a faster way to ask for assistance.

8. Waze

Waze is a mapping and traveling app that does more than just show you the location of the nearest Starbucks. Using Waze, you can see ways to avoid building, traffic, and even cops. You can also assist other drivers by reporting mishaps to the app, so that other motorists are aware of which places to shun.



If you’re tired of splitting the costs over meals or need a faster way of paying your roommate for month’s electricity bill, Venmo is a secure, fairly straightforward cash transfer application. You can transfer money from your bank account to somebody else’s account rather than writing a cheque or carrying cash. You can even include emoji greetings with your transaction, which may make paying rent a little more palatable.

The Bottom Line

Every woman needs to be happy with their lives. And a bonus o every woman, if you are a mom, you need to use baby care apps. You’ll appreciate them. Good Luck!



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