How Do I Choose a Shopify Development Company in Los Angeles

Shopify Development Company in Los Angeles

If you are running a business in Los Angeles and want to grow your company, it is time to look at Shopify development. Many people don’t realize this, but a Shopify developer Los Angeles can do much more than just set up the site for you. They can offer insight into what features would be best for your business or website that will help increase conversions and sales!

It’s essential to know how to properly hire a developer to accomplish all these goals while also meeting deadlines and staying within budget.

Why you should hire a Shopify developer

There are several reasons you should hire a Shopify developer, including an increase in sales and conversions. Your business can also attract more customers through appealing features on your site that are not available elsewhere.

What to look for in a Shopify developer

If you’re wondering what to look for in a Shopify development company, here are some qualities of the best developers:

  • Excellent communication skills

Communication is the bedrock of any successful project, and any developer who can’t communicate well with you and their team won’t be able to produce a site that meets your needs.

Hiring someone you’ve never worked with before means that it is possible things won’t go exactly according to plan – which is why communication between yourself and your developer needs to be outstanding from day one.

If there are any problems or changes needed along the way, address them immediately so both parties can work together for optimal results! It doesn’t matter whether you’re working on building new features or fixing bugs – if you’re not happy with your developer’s work, it’s essential to be honest, and open about this as soon as possible.

  • An amazing portfolio

A Shopify development company has different levels of experience in this industry; an entry-level is not necessarily out of reach compared to seasoned veterans agencies. Look for companies that have been doing this work for several years, ready to handle any issues or concerns that arise later on without missing a beat.

  • Testimonials from satisfied customers

You should expect more than just an impressive list of skills when choosing a Shopify development company — there should also be comments from past clients about how great they were to work with! The best developers are not only skilled, but passionate about creating exceptional results.

  • A unique and innovative approach

Many Shopify experts claim this, but it’s not likely if they have done nothing to show you why. Look for a Shopify developer Los Angeles who has taken on challenging projects and can explain how they’ve worked with companies like yours in the past. Be wary of someone who seems too good to be true!

  • A satisfaction guarantee

As an online business owner, your time is limited; Shopify development takes up valuable hours that you could otherwise spend growing your company. Make sure any agency or freelancer you work with offers at least some kind of refund policy, so there are no surprises further down the road when you’re unhappy with their services.

  • Post-development support plan

Once you’ve signed on with a new agency, make sure they offer post-development support. It’s one thing to get things set up and running smoothly at first, but it’s also essential that your developer be if anything goes amiss down the road.

How to hire a Shopify developer

There are some steps to follow when hiring a Shopify developer, including:

  • Know what you want to accomplish

It’s a simple decision that you should think about what you want to achieve with your store before hiring a developer. If you don’t know where you’re headed or what kind of layout and features are best for your goals, it will challenge to find the right person who can make this happen to you.

  • Set a budget

Shopify experts have different levels of expertise, so the cost varies accordingly. Shopify experts charge an hourly rate determined by experience level and location and other factors such as language skills, certifications., so set a realistic amount that meets both your business needs and financial requirements.

Be sure to factor in any possible future expenses since some developers may not include those costs until they arise after launch – but at least there’s no surprise when you get the bill.

  • Do extensive research

It would help if you did your homework when finding a Shopify development company in Los Angeles by reading reviews, looking at portfolios and checking out their social media presence since this will give you an idea of their customer service skills and how they interact with others online.

  • Interview the best candidates

It would be best if you interviewed your prospects because it is the best way to find out more about their experience and qualifications and see if you mesh with them.

  • Discuss the project with your chosen developer

Once you’ve decided who will build your website – based on timing, price point and how they handle themselves – sit down together so that everyone agrees regarding what needs to get done for your site to meet its objectives. Once the contract has been signed, it’s time for work!

  • Start the project

Part of the contract should include a timeframe for how long it will take to complete your site. We suggest breaking down milestones into smaller projects and setting deadlines so that you can address them before they become too much of an issue if things get off track.

Where to find a Shopify developer

Given that Shopify is now a billion-dollar company, there has been an influx of developers looking to make some extra cash. However, not these people are qualified or reputable.

For you to ensure that your website is being built by someone who knows what they’re doing and will do the job promptly without sacrificing quality – it’s going to take a little more digging on your end.

To find the most qualified developers, you’re going to want to look in different places.

  • Shopify Experts directory

The Shopify Experts Directory is one of your best bets for finding someone who knows what they are doing and has a history of building great websites for other people with similar businesses as yours. However, there’s no way of knowing how good they are until you speak with them or have seen their previous work in person – so keep that in mind if this path interests you!

  • Shopify Meetups

Another option would look into meetups where local entrepreneurs share ideas and advice on business growth through networking opportunities. By attending these events regularly, you will not only get some fantastic tips from more experienced entrepreneurs, but you also find that many of them are looking for Shopify developers.

  • Freelance Platforms

Some great freelance platforms allow clients to hire expert freelancers on a per hour or project basis. You could check out Fiverr or Upwork. However, be aware that these sites attract both hopeful and experienced professionals, so make sure you check their reviews before hiring!

How many does it cost to hire a Shopify developer?

The cost of hiring a Shopify developer varies. On average, you should be ready to pay around $100 per hour for an experienced freelancer or agency that has worked with similar ecommerce clients before.

However, this price is only valid if the work requests are not too complex and your order volume isn’t high. If it’s your first time hiring a development company in Los Angeles, there might also be extra charges involved during the on boarding process, which can cost up to 20% of project fees!


In conclusion, if you want to get the best value for your money, work with Shopify experts Los Angeles with experience working with clients from similar industries as yours. This will help reduce cost and speed up project timeframes, ensuring a better quality of deliverables!


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