What is domain authority? Why does every SEO expert need to understand?

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It is not surprising that everyone is looking to rank his website among the top results of the search engines. Every expert in this field tries to figure out how a search engine algorithm is working.

We all adopt various techniques through which we can push our rank. Meanwhile, we evaluate different metrics to check the strength of our website.

Here we are going to discuss one of those metrics properly in detail. We will discuss it from start to end and try to show you the right path to achieve your goal.

What is DA?

Domain Authority or DA is a special metric introduced by a famous SEO SaaS Moz. It is calculated by evaluating various factors from a specific domain.

Every website which is crawled by Moz crawler will be given a specific score. The number lies between 0 to 100 according to the potential of various factors of that website.

The higher number indicates that the website has a great potential to rank in SERPs.

But the lower score will show that your website has very little potential to rank among other top results.

A newborn website will show a DA score of 1 that will increase slowly after implementing SEO. If your website has lower Domain Authority after a long time, it is alarming for you.

Being an SEO expert, you should keep an eye on this factor too. It will dictate you implement SEO on your website in the right direction.

Many SEO experts claim that this metric is not evaluated by Google. So, they can leave it and cover the other factors to rank in higher positions.

This conception is not right because recent studies have shown that there is a correlation between Moz DA score and SERPs.

Therefore, you should keep checking this score to improve your SEO strategies. It may change with the update in Google or any search engine’s algorithm.

In this way, you can efficiently make an SEO strategy to implement on your website.

Here is the best way to check your website’s Domain Authority.

Check Domain Authority of a website

A huge list of DA checkers available on the internet that you can use with simple clicks. Unfortunately, some of them are just junk that will only waste your time and don’t show exact results.

Many people prefer Moz to check their website authority. But you may find some complications while using that platform like difficulty in understanding the feedback.

For such conditions, Prepostseo is offering the best DA checker. With this tool, you will get exact results that are calculated by Moz crawler.

It would not be wrong to say that you will get 100% accurate results from this tool. This tool has an extra feature that you won’t find in Moz too.

With this tool, you can evaluate the DA score of up to 10 websites with a single click. In Moz, you will not find this feature but you have to check the DA of every website by inserting its link.

Also, the DA checker by Prepostseo will show other metrics like PA, Spam Score, and Pages in Google.

So, you will get an insight look at your or any other website’s progress with the single check. In this way, you can analyze your competitors and defeat them to rank in higher positions.

In addition to this, you can get a premium version of this authority checker to broaden your search. With a premium account, you will be able to check DA of up to 500 URLs.

This tool will offer some other features to filter your results. For example, you are evaluating almost 50 websites to make an SEO strategy for your website.

You want to target all those websites that have 50 or higher DA scores. To get a short but precise list of websites, you can use its “DA limit” filter.

The tool will only show all those website’s URLs that are more than your given score. In this way, it will reduce your efforts and enable you to analyze a lot of websites quickly.

How to increase DA score?

It has become compulsory for every SEO expert to adopt different techniques to increase the DA score. If you are facing problems, in this case, you can follow these steps.

We have found all of them fruitful while implementing them on our websites.

1.   Create High-quality Backlinks


DA score focuses on backlinks particularly to calculate the exact score. Backlinks number and quality matter a lot in the ranking of a website.

According to Moz, Linked Domain Roots and the number of links are considered while looking to give a DA score to any website.

So, you should get backlinks to your website from any high authority platform. Keep in mind that low-quality backlinks will be a slow poison for your website’s progress.

Always try to examine a website before accessing them to get a backlink to your website.

2.   Reduce Bounce Rate

A search engine ranks or de-ranks a website by analyzing the audience coming on it. The time spent by every visitor on a website matters a lot for the progress.

Bounce Rateis a specific metric that is calculated based on this factor. The lower the bounce rate, the higher your website has chances to rank.

Meanwhile, it also impacts DA score directly or indirectly in both dimensions. You should keep this score lower at any cost.

You can do it only if you are providing unique and informative content. In turn, the visitor will spend a lot of time on your website.

3.   Regularly evaluate your website

Sometimes, we focus only on SEO techniques and don’t evaluate our website. In this way, our strategy might be unfit for the current situation of our website.

Being an SEO expert, you should regularly analyze your website to find all the plus and minus points. It will help you what next you should do to keep your website on track.

By analyzing a website, you can also be able to remove all the spammy links from your website. Therefore, we recommend you analyze your website regularly to keep an eye on its performance.

Final Say

No doubt Domain Authority is not a Google metric but it matters a lot in expecting the progress of a website. An SEO expert can’t make a strategy without knowing the current situation of the platform.

You should try to implement all those techniques on a website to get a higher DA score. You should not always try to get a 100 DA score as it is the maximum.

But you should check your competitor’s score and try to cross them. Your website’s DA score should be more than your competitor’s.


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