Why choose Modern Stack Technology?

Modern Stack Technology

The most important factor and the building-block of a software product is its technology stack. The question that is raised during this discussion is which programming language they will choose, Python or Java? What will be the best choice for framework Node.js or Flast?

What would be the front-end option for product React, Angular or Vue.JS? Which database suits the product MongoDB or MySQL? What will be the hosting site Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS? All these questions are based on the tech-stack that is the decision starting from front-end to the hosting and each technical decision is interrelated and based on this stack. You can define it as the set of frameworks and tools that are used in the development of software. In more technical terms, it is the combination of tools, frameworks and programming languages used in mobile or web application development.

Back-end Stack

Although it is hidden, yet it is of grave importance since it is ground of the software product. It can be Linux, MySQL, PHP or Apache as they are the most famous and trending back-end stack. They have their functions like PHP is the scripting language, MySQL is the actual Database, Apache is the web-server as we mentioned above in the cloud hosting and Linux is the operating system of the server.  But you might be hearing a lot about the term ‘MEAN’ that stands for MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular.JS and Node.JS wherein it is a complete tech stack and Mongo DB is related to the back-end part of it.

Front-end Stack

The client-side is the front-end that includes what is displayed in front of them in the form of a website or mobile application. The major components of the front-end technology are the HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML is defining the structural presentation of the browser, CSS determines the styling of the web browser like the choice of colour, font and layout while JavaScript describes the interactive nature of the browser how the user interacts with it and how it will respond. The most popular front-end stack is React.JS and Angular.JS

Benefits of the Right Stack

The right tech stack has several benefits for the software product no matter what the architecture of the product like you can go for Jamstack architecture or any other of your own choice. The right stack affects the performance of the software to a greater extent the coding technique will be based on the stack and speed of development of the software will be affected.  Take an example of Jamstack websites that are faster and secure with its architecture more efficient and gives greater results to all the stakeholders of the product.


The concept of documenting everything at the beginning of the idea has several benefits as more people would be able to give input and an efficient framework will take the product at a higher level of not only the technology but also framework. Time and cost-saving are important but a poorly stacked software product will although generate results at first instance but will be difficult in enhancement, efficiency and effectiveness. It helps in covering all the future requirements and changes so a little more time at the initial stage saves a lot of time, cost and produces an efficient software product.

Author Bio:- A well researched content writer Naveen Kumar like to write about Technology used for development statics sites and modern stack websites made with the JAMstack Technology and Gatsby WordPress Theme development company StackGround.


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