4 Pieces of Tech you may not Need if you have a Laptop

lenovo laptop

In the consumer driven world that everyone lives in today, there is always a new piece of tech being thrown at you. From the latest smartphone, the newest watch or upgraded TV that is promised to change your viewing experience, there is so much out there for you to buy.

You don’t always have to buy it though and, in so many cases, one piece of tech can replace a lot of others when you really think about it. Your laptop is certainly one of these as there is so much it can do for you. Take a look at these items of tech that you might not need if you already have a laptop.

  1. At-Home Exercise Bikes

If you think there has been a sudden rise in the world of fitness tech, you’re not wrong. With a range of fitness tech, the pandemic certainly helped boost their sales as many were sent home and could no longer attend the gym. High-tech exercise bikes may not be needed at home due to the wealth of alternative workout videos available online through your laptop.

  1. TV

Do you know anyone who doesn’t own a TV? Probably not. Something that was once a rare thing to have in a house all those years ago, is now an absolute must in the majority of homes.

When you have a laptop though, do you really need a TV? While it depends on the type of person you are, if you’re more of a casual TV watcher then a laptop might do you just fine.

So much of TV viewing is now on streaming sites; these can be accessed from anywhere and most of the website versions are very user-friendly. If you’re the sort of person that only watches TV for a few hours in the morning and one or two in the evening, you might not need a big flatscreen taking up space.

Worried about the small screen? There are a variety of sizes when it comes to laptops out there and a quick look at what a brand like Lenovo has to offer will really show you that, as well as meaning you can use a business laptop for personal use, too, and get the best of both.

  1. Smart Treadmills

These high-tech machines may not be needed in your home if you have a good laptop. There are thousands of free online workout videos and virtual meet-ups where you can hit all your fitness goals. You don’t need to fall for the idea that you need to shed loads of money on this tech to live a healthier lifestyle. You can easily find more engaging workouts through your laptop if you’d rather avoid the treadmill.

  1. A tablet

The tablet has had an interesting history and they certainly have their uses. From playing games to getting work done, there is so much you can do with them.

However, a tablet is often bigger than a smartphone but smaller than a laptop and unless you are in need of one or the other, you probably won’t get that much use out of one. Your laptop can essentially do everything your tablet can, if not more, and where it may fall short here and there, your smartphone is there to pick up the slack.


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