Surge Trader Review: All information you need to know

Surge Trader

Surge Capital Investments, LLC owns the private trading company Surge Trader. A brand-new real estate company founded in May 2021 by experienced Forex traders, comprising brokers and investment firms. Their main objective is to help successful traders maximize their success by increasing investment.

The combined expertise of professional Forex traders, brokers, and investment firms led to the creation of Surge Trader. The ability to manage up to $1,000,000 in investment with a profit split mechanism that rewards the trader with 75% of the profit makes it unique.


  • Trading is done through associate broker EightCap, which holds an Australian regulator ASIC license.
  • There are no limitations on how you use tactics. Any approach may be used as it conforms with the company’s trading policies. Algorithmic trading, leveraging, scalping, and Martingale are suitable tactics.
  • 75% of the money made is the trader’s high income.
  • In addition to cryptocurrencies, a broad range of assets covers over 100 instruments.
  • SurgeTrader will pay the loss if the maximum loss and drawdown requirements are satisfied.
  • The website contains all of the terms and conditions in the public domain. Trading regulations can be broken as long as it’s random and not intentional.


  • The discount for retaking the exam in case of a breach of the trade requirements is up to 20%.
  • The maximum loss is up to 4%, while the daily drawdown is limited to 5%.
  • Leverage ranges from 1:2 to 1:10 depending on the type of asset.

Getting Money from a Surge Trader

It’s essential to look at the company’s many funding choices for forex traders now that we know who they are. Surge Trader has a more uncomplicated business strategy than most of these emerging prop companies and offers six different account types with unique terms and reward percentages. These platforms are somewhat complicated. Thus, I appreciate the more uncomplicated strategy! The ability to trade with large amount of money is one of the key advantages of the best funded trader accounts.


One of Surge Trader’s drawbacks is that its customers and we have noticed its leverage is not among the highest.

For instance, the maximum leverage level is at 10:1 for Forex, metals, fuels, and commodities. At the same time, it is decreased to a minimum of 5:1 for stocks, and it is set at a maximum of 2:1 for cryptocurrencies, which require the lowest degree of leverage.

These trading terms provided by SurgeTrader, at least in terms of leverage, are justified because trading with excessive force is unproductive in increasing risk while trying to achieve much bigger returns.

And this climate impacts both the trader and the corporation since it puts the trader under more psychological strain and exposes the company, which is responsible for covering losses, to more risk.

Trading Platforms

As we already indicated, SurgeTrader provides its services through the EightCap broker, which only permits trading with the EightCap MT4 and EightCap MT5 platforms, which are essentially Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 platforms customized for this specific broker.

Since they are highly reliable trading terminals that have undergone extensive evolution, as you are certainly aware, these platforms are among the most well-known and appreciated in the trading community.

SurgeTrader offers a web portal where you can access your trading information, including, among other things, the progress toward your profit target, the maximum drawdown, equity, and balance.

Pricing for Surge Trader Funding Accounts

The options for a SurgeTrader trading account are pretty simple, as are the rules. Although the expenses are referred to as “Audition Fees,” the rest of the formula is simple to comprehend and implement. You can take full advantage of the 75% profit shares if you meet your goals and avoid having your account closed.

SurgeTrader promotes its traders’ professional success. They make it possible for them to profit more from their trading activities. To be able to trade successfully, you must pass an audition. You will receive a 75% profit share on future distributions if you give your audition. A fully funded trader strategy that best funded trader accounts with reputable prop companies up to $250,000.

So, who are you?

SurgeTrader is a specialized company with headquarters in Florida, USA. A 75% profit split provides motivated traders with funding up to $1,000,000. They linked their system with a Sydney, Australia-based ASIC-regulated broker.


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