Why is it important to Get Professional Help with Your Toxic Exposure Claim?

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At times, claims involving toxic exposure or poisoning may be highly complex. Not only may the victim need to face off against a large company with an entire legal department or team of attorneys to address the matter, but symptoms of exposure to toxins may not present themselves for decades.

Mesothelioma, for example, may present 20, 40, or more years after initial exposure. With a proper investigation into all aspects of your case, an experienced lawyer can build a compelling case on your behalf and work toward a settlement or jury award in your favor.

What Causes Lead Poisoning?

Lead poisoning occurs when an individual is exposed to lead, and this results in dangerous levels of this substance in the body, leading to illness or even death. Lead poisoning is most commonly caused by exposure to lead paints that were used commercially and in residential properties leading up to the 1960s.

Children living in older homes may be at particular risk of lead poisoning, as they may put hands, toys, or other objects in their mouths that have lead dust on them or may even eat lead paint chips that peel off the walls. Children are known for putting anything and everything in their mouths, and living or playing in an environment where lead paint and/or dust are prevalent puts them at an increased risk of injury.

Childhood Lead Poisoning Threat

Chronic low-level lead exposure, say even less than 5 mcg/dLis dangerous for your little one. Lead exposure can cause permanent neurological, behavioral, and emotional harm to young children. Children belonging to the lower-income group are more prone to lead exposure since they are exposed to low-quality housing, homes that may be built before 1978. Laws of California do not mandate blood testing of children to detect levels of lead in blood, hence it becomes difficult to identify if childhood lead poisoning is prevalent or not.

Children are likely to ingest deteriorated lead-based paint, lead dust, and other lead hazards. The neurological and physiological deficits caused by childhood lead poisoning include loss of IQ, ADD, ADHD, loss of executive function (the ability to juggle tasks and responsibilities), learning disabilities, delayed puberty, heart disease, kidney disease, and early-onset dementia.For children, the early stages of lead poisoning may include symptoms such as anemia (low blood cell count), confusion, hair loss, headaches, and muscle weakness. seizures, stomach pain, or vomiting.

No matter how much you clean the house or keep a check on your child, EBA certification is the only way to tell if the house is lead-proof. The landlords and house owners usually run away from their responsibility to avoid financial costs. Good maintenance is essential to deal with existing lead paint if any. The owners must comply with the State Laws about lead-based paint hazards to avoid criminal penalties and loss of tax deductions in case of lead poisoning.


If a landlord makes renovations to a property built before 1978, then he or she must use a contractor who is certified in lead-based paint removal processes. However, landlords sometimes do renovations themselves to cut costs. This may leave the next tenant exposed to lead dangers

Whether or not your landlord may be liable depends on the specific facts and circumstances of your case. If you or your child was exposed to lead-based paint in a rental unit, immediately have your child tested for an elevated blood lead level and contact experienced lead poisoning attorneys who can help you get the financial resources you need.

What are the Harmful Effects of Lead Poisoning?

Lead poisoning typically affects the entire body. The central nervous system, kidneys, and reproductive systems may suffer from lead poisoning, particularly in growing and developing children. Lead poisoning may lead to convulsions, coma, and even death at high levels. Fortunately, there is hope when you consult with a lead poisoning attorney regarding your case. You can find out your options, which may result in your being able to provide a better future for yourself and your family.

Contact a Lead Poisoning Attorney immediately!

If you or your child has suffered from lead poisoning, please contact a lead poisoning attorney as soon as possible. An experienced lawyer may be able to help you seek and recover financial compensation for your injuries, to pay for medical care, any lost earnings, and other damages. Best of all, you may get a free initial consultation. This may be the opportunity you need to learn more about your case and take strong legal action against the building owner, public housing authority, or another party responsible for your exposure.


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