Why Your Internet Is So Slow


Slow internet speeds can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you are trying to watch your favorite show or send a detailed report to your boss. There are many reasons why your internet speed is slow, and we will be looking at the most common ones below.

The Age or Location of Your Router

Your router can be a problematic area in your internet infrastructure, and it is therefore the best place to start. A typical reason why it might cause slow internet speeds is being outdated. An outdated router might not be able to handle the demanding needs of today’s devices and this manifests in slower speeds.

The other reason is its location. Where you place your router has a critical bearing on how fast your internet is. If you place it in an obscured area of the house, wired devices might continue working well, but wireless connections will suffer. Try to find a central area away from the walls to place the router and you should see better wireless speeds.

You Are on a Slow Internet Connection

Many people do not care about their internet speeds and what they are getting from their provider as long as the internet is doing everything they want. However, things can change quickly if you buy a new device such as a smart TV that also requires some bandwidth. In such cases, you might notice your internet is not as fast as you thought it was.

While there are many reasons why this happens, a typical one is not receiving a fast connection from your provider. They may be providing what they said they would, but that could no longer be fast enough for your present needs.

In such a case, it is a good idea to start exploring what other internet providers offer. Some provide superior speeds, no caps, and other favorable terms you may not be getting from your provider. A local Foothills internet provider might provide gigabit internet where you are currently getting 100Mbps. It would be a good idea to look into what they are offering.

Too Many Wireless Devices

Multiple devices can lead to decreased internet speeds, but not in the way many people imagine. Technically, too many devices connected to the same wireless access point do not affect the internet speed it is providing. However, all these devices have to share the available bandwidth. This leads to lower internet speeds.

Second, each device could be doing something that requires a lot of bandwidth. For example, you might be watching a 4K stream while you try to scroll through social media. You will feel and see your internet slowing down when this happens.

Lastly, many devices lead to congested channels. Each router has specific channels that it uses. You may be able to switch to a less congested channel depending on the router you have.

Many things can cause slow internet speeds. You should start with your hardware, service provider and connected devices to see if and how each of these factors is affecting your speeds.


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