Short form Videos and How Influencers are using them?

Short form Videos

Even amidst the pandemic when we sit in the comfort of our homes our minds our on the move constantly. Yes, binge-watching culture has improved but those web series or movies or other long-form content require more production time, editing work, and value. But these short-form videos that are gaining popularity and have much more reach. Of course, there are exceptions to this too, it takes more effort for brands to tell their story within a short length of 2 minutes or less but if those efforts increase their marketing results by many folds then brands would not hesitate for a second. Recent statistics by Animoto said that 76% of small businesses saw significant growth by incorporating video content.

Tik-Tok working on the path paved by Vine and Dubsmash has played a significant role in the rising popularity of short-form content. And now all major social platforms have turned to short-form content as well. From Facebook 2-3 minutes videos and 15-second long Insta reels to Pinterest and Linkedin, this practice of adoption of short-form video content clearly suggests that Video or more specifically short-form video is the content of the future.

This decision of more than 56% brands making sure to keep their videos 2 minutes or less and all these platforms turning to short-form video content is nothing if not the result of our shortened attention span. According to a recent study, 53% of videos that are less than 90 seconds are watched to completion whereas only 10% of videos that are more than 30 minutes long are watched completely. Now that’s some serious disparity. Short-form video content is being called snackable because they provide you with quick entertaining content in the middle of your day or work.

Using Instagram Reels for Influencers, Marketers or Small Businesses

1. Recycling

Tik-Tok has been banned in India for some time now. But there are a huge number of content and creators don’t want them to go to waste. The same can be said about brands that used Tik-Tok videos for promotions. So what do they do, they recycle these videos on Instagram reels.

2. Continuing with the Challenge Fad

Tik-Tok made these challenging videos quite a fad which according to me is quite misleading because most of those “challenge videos” are not challenging to make at all. But a lot of people are continuing to use this challenge fad as a promotional concept and it seems to work.

3. Influencers Marketing

Influencers are Instagram models who have gained themselves popularity with their talents, good looks, or in fewer cases both. Quite a few famous brands like Walmarts and even startups are relying on these influencers for Marketing. A beauty vlogger in today’s age can earn quite a bit by promoting beauty products or even posting reviews if he/she has a good following.

4. Using Orginal Audio

Xbox’s first reel has their very popular theme song as audio. If you are a budding musician or someone who wishes to market a music app then you too can use this technique. Post Insta reel with an original idea and get creative with the hashtags. Who knows when your music becomes the next trend.

5. Sneak – a – Peek

Youtube has become the OG platform for teasers but Instagram is also catching on in its own way. Netflix and other streaming platforms are promoting their content and new releases via their official Instagram pages. If you are an influencer than you can do it to promote your new merch, venture, or anything you wish to promote. Furthermore share it on your story as well.

Facebook Video Marketing hacks

1. Facebook’s OG technique

So you have uploaded your original video on Youtube and decide to share the same on Facebook to make more people are directed to your Youtube. But you might do it a little better by uploading your video directly to Facebook. According to a recent statistics report by Quintly Videos that are separately uploaded to Facebook have 4 times better reach than Videos shared from other platforms.

2. The 4-second rule

With articles, a writer needs a catchy headline and a gripping introduction the same can be said for videos. Make the first four seconds of your video catchy enough for people to grip them in. I know it is easier said than done. But you should definitely give it a try.

3. Feature Videos help

Adding a featured video in the about section of your Facebook page can help make an awesome 1st impression on someone how has accidentally or intentionally stumbled upon your page. They would rather watch that video than read other content.

4. Tell them what to do

Most social media users are habituated to scroll through your video as a pass time if you don’t give them what digital marketers call “call to action”. It is a very common thing that influencers especially Youtubers do, asking people to Like. Share. Subscribe. Although some make the mistake of asking them at the start of the video its best to ask an call for action after giving them something of value or adding it at the end of the video.

5. Playlists

Users love the ease of entertainment and control. If you are a continuous video creator. A fashion vlogger or cooking channel, for example, making playlists of similar videos will make them more accessible to a lot of people.

Many of these techniques can be mixed and matched and can be used on other platforms like Pinterest or Twitter. As a result of some serious number crunching a recent study suggests that 70% of content online will be video by 2025, so its high time getting started with it.

Looking for other ways to increase your brand awareness Bobble AI’s regional keyboards can help you reach Users’ conversation directly. Video content may be the king of content but conversation media is the future. Here are some of them you might want to look at to understand what I am talking about.


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