How to Convert Your Word file to PDF and Customize it?

Word file to PDF

What is a PDF Format File?

Nowadays, PDF format is becoming popular among the users. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. The users can read this format easily. The files or documents saved in PDF format cannot be easily edited. So, people prefer it to use.

Is this conversion from word to PDF a suitable term?

In earlier days, people are used to working with Microsoft word tools. The word files can easily be edited that raises security issues for the business owners. The company owners do not take this format as reliable and want to move towards another tool. They have started to change the word to PDF.

Some of the cons of using word format:

Here, we talk about some of the cons of using word files:

  • Your work would be dismissed if you had not saved it before.
  • While dealing with the word, it becomes difficult to manage images or graphs.
  • Sometimes, you are failing to find the particular symbols you need to add to your project.

What are the pros of using PDF format?

There are many benefits of using PDF format files, so people want to change the word files to PDF. So let’s discuss a few of the advantages of converting word to PDF.

Security of the document:

 While working in word format, the documents are not secured. Anyone can edit it by the desire, but the work is always confidential. It may be any research work or research paper of someone’s hard work., the users want to use PDF format. 

Any of the format:

While dealing with PDF format, you do not need to be worried about the form of the file. It deals efficiently with all of its versions, but it will become difficult to open an old version file in the latest version of the story when done with Microsoft word.

Easily compressible:

PDF files can easily be compressed. Many PDFs can be converted into a single PDF file, which takes less space to be stored. They are easily shareable. The companies which have a lot of data daily feel comfortable with this feature.

Visual attachments:

The PDF format is an easy and convenient platform where you can feel simple to attach any of the visuals, for example, images, graphics, videos, and animations Etc.

How do you customize your PDF format files?

There are many words to PDF converters available on the internet. You can utilize any of them. Some tools are free of cost. Let’s talk about the features provided by the devices that allow you to customize your PDF document effortlessly.

Size of PDF and its orientation:

You will be able to change the size of your PDF document and also set the orientation of it. The user will be able to get the desired or customized file. It will be sufficient when you are required to create a poster with your PDF in a particular orientation and size.

Automatic Hyperlinks:

It will automatically add the hyperlinks to your PDF file. The user will go to the source of information by clicking just once on the link.

Quality of images in your hand:

If your word document file has many of the images, it becomes useful to convert word to PDF. You can control the high quality of images in PDF. A low rate of ideas will enable you to share the files easily over your mobiles. It will also take less bandwidth.

Fix font of PDF:

You can fix the fonts of your desire. It will not indulge a reader into a difficulty to read the file whether he or she is reading it from any of the computers.

Security lock:

You can put a security lock to open your PDF file. Nobody will be able to access your PDF document without your permission.

Suggested word to PDF converters:

Let’s talk about some of the words to PDF converters that allow you to change from word to PDF and customize your PDF file.

  • DupliChecker:

You will be able to upload your Doc file in the given space by the word to pdf converter. You will click on the button “Convert to PDF,” It will then proceed your file into the required format. Duplichecker word to pdf converter is the best online utility to convert your file from word to pdf format in a safe and secure way. Reach this free tool by navigating to word to pdf converter on Duplichecker website. You can also customize your file with this word to pdf tool.

  • PDF Online:

This converter will allow you to set the size of your PDF with your desire. It will give the security feature also.

  • Adobe Acrobat:

Word to PDF conversion becomes more easy and simple by using this tool. It performs this process quickly.


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