Apps for Students to Apply In Essay Paper


Three elements define the quality of your writing; organization, logic, and order. If any of these elements is missing, your work loses its appeal. Luckily, there are numerous tools available to make writing easier and the results rewarding.

But the choice of apps demands caution. The idea is that whenever you say that I want to fix my essay free online, it gives you the results you desire. An app should guarantee original content, an exciting paper to read, and the best grade at the end of evaluation.

With thousands of apps online, the choice you make will determine your overall experience. How do you choose one app over the other?

  • Consider your needs- what do you want to achieve by using an app? For instance, a math app for college students is different from what high school students would use. Choose an app that delivers the results you would like to see, especially with the details that your study level requires.
  • Accuracy- apps are supposed to make it faster to complete your assignments while at the same time delivering accurate answers. For instance, if you are using a typing and editing app, it should give you correct spelling as well as grammar. The same applies for math and sciences. Accuracy will guarantee the best academic performance.
  • Cost- can you afford subscription for the app? Most apps are free, but will limit the features available in free mode. The features available must be satisfactory based on your study level and the kind of help you need.
  • User experience- are the features easy to use without guidance? How long does it take to complete the work because of the features? Choose an app that is easy to use so that you can work on your projects faster.

Reviews will help you to choose the best app for different subjects. Check what other students or experts in education are saying about the apps. You should also consider apps with multiple features so that you do not need to use several apps for a single exercise.

Having said that, it is time to look at the best apps for students when writing their essay papers;

Pro Writing Aid

As the name suggests, the app is used by writers. It helps with copy editing in real time. You can consider it a companion editor whenever you are drafting your paper. It is designed to eliminate errors of grammar like spelling, poor word choice, excessive passive voice, and sentence structure, among others.

The app is easy to use and suitable for writers at all levels. It comes with a fourteen days trial period, after which you have to pay subscription. It will help you to produce grammatically clean and easy to read scripts.


If you are tired to typing, Simplenote will be your assistant. It is a free note taking app that also helps you to organize your work. Since you do not have to do all the writing, it will take a shorter time to complete the assignment.

Simplenote is free and does not require mandatory upgrades. Once you sign into your account, you can begin work on your paper immediately. It also comes with reminders, tasks, and lists for easier retrieval of your notes. It also has an editing function to ensure that your notes are grammatically correct.


The thing about writing papers is that ideas emerge haphazardly. You might be on the way to class and an idea pops up. If you choose to wait until you sit down to write the essay, the idea disappears. Everynote is your savior.

Evernote helps you to capture the idea on your phone, organize other materials you might encounter along the way, and retrieve these notes easily in the future. The app doubles as a note taking and organizational tool. It is the kind of comprehensive app that every student would appreciate while in college.

The best apps for essay paper writing help you to take notes, edit, research, and organize your work. Choose an app that can transfer functionality from your phone to a computer or laptop. To get the best and most advanced features, you might have to pay a small fee.


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