Grocery Delivery App: Must-Have Features

Grocery Delivery App

As the world’s battle with COVID-19 continues pushing millions under quarantine, the basic necessities like shopping for grocery has become dangerous. We have already seen how panic-buying resulted in ultimate chaos, leaving the vulnerable and elderly at a loss – leaving little to nothing for them to buy.

Now, as the virus has spiked in many countries while several anticipating another wave – technology, specifically mobile apps have become a saving grace. This includes grocery shopping apps. However, many of the existing apps weren’t prepared for the instant surge of downloads and demands; which did leave users unfulfilled, as those apps weren’t COVID-ready. Either there was a shortage of essential items or the groceries weren’t being delivered as ordered.

This misbalance of demand and supply has given way to software companies in Houston to indulge in grocery apps that truly fit the demand of the target areas and audience. Not just in the realm of seamless user experience but in terms of availability of items and swift delivery as well.

Online Grocery Apps – Great Solution Amid Pandemic

Considering how crucial it has become to lessen contact with the outside world, apps like these that provide services to fulfill basic necessities are truly a blessing. These grocery apps that allow you to order essential items right at your doorstep without you having to place yourself in danger have become the sought after solutions at the moment.

These apps are facing a peak engagement and download – which is why they should be developed keeping accessibility, user-experience, and convenience in mind. Moreover, with many people working from home, trying to juggle many roles, this app also contributes to saving time and effort. here are top 7 Reasons Why Businesses Are Investing in On-demand Apps

So, if we could narrow down some of the features of a grocery delivery app that can be leveraged, are:

Must-Have Features of Grocery Delivery App

1) Easy Peasy Sign Up

One of the first thing that any user is faced with when using an app is the sign up process. So, making their onboarding experience easy and fast should be your aim.

One of the best ways to making the sign-up process easy is allowing users to sign up via Google, Facebook, or any other platforms. This way, they do not have to remember the passwords or the email they used and can simply login by their existing social media or Google accounts.

2) Enhanced Search

There are several grocery items that make it difficult for the user to sort through or choose. This is why,you need a well-built search option with the right filters to speed up the process of finding the right items and adding them to the cart.

If you are lacking a great search section, you are missing out on a lot of potential revenue, as search feature is what allows users to find the product they require.

3) Right Recommendations

Your grocery app is like any other retail app that shows recommendations of items that the user may be interested in. And most of the time, they do end up buying those products as well. So how does a recommendation section work behind the scenes? Well, once you make a purchase through the grocery app, your data is stored. Then, when you log in the next time, the app suggests items based off of previous data in the recommendation section.

This feature not only saves time, but increases your sales funnel as well.

4) Add to Cart Feature

You simply cannot miss out on this feature. In order to improve the user experience and provide ease of accessibility, it is best to have add-to-cart button with each item. This way, the users can immediately tap and add within seconds. Moreover, if you do not incorporate this feature with each displayed item, the users may grow agitated or simply bail out from buying it if the process for adding to cart is long.

Of course, having a cart icon on the top right, which is the standard UI design, is also important. Once they tap on it, it should show the total bill, so they know where they stand with their spending.

5) Wish-list Feature

Often times users find items that they stumble upon but not necessarily need at the moment. This is where this wish-list feature or save-for-later feature comes into play. With this feature in your grocery app, you are allowing people to save things they are interested in and make purchases when the time is right.

It is a convenience for users and a potential sale for you. So a win-win situation!

6) Push Notifications

This is by far one of the greatest feature a grocery app can make use of during the times of COVID. With push notifications you can notify users about discount offers, new stock items, coupons, new delivery destinations, and so much more.

However, it is best to make use of push notifications when the content is super-engaging and relevant. Moreover, make sure you are not sending notifications too often, as it becomes annoying and leads to app abandonment.

7) Safe and Secure PaymentGateways

No one wants to take the risk of sharing their bank details with an app that doesn’t seem promising. Which is why, as a grocery app that serves people with convenience of having their food delivered at their door-step – you need to have a secure and safe payment gateway. Moreover, it is better to provide more than one option – like e-wallets, cards, net banking, and even COD (cash on delivery).

8) Live Order Tracking

Who wouldn’t want to track their grocery delivery? Either way, it is one of the best features you can provide your users. Once they start tracking the driver, they would know the progress and would not induce anxiety of waiting. Moreover, you can provide users with the option to communicate with the driver in case they cannot find the proper location. So, mishaps can be avoided.

Wrapping Up

In such uncertain times, technology is proving to be a savior. A grocery app will not only keep everyone safe but also fulfill their basic needs. So, when you are seeking to have a grocery app developed, you now know what are some of the features that you should not miss out on.


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