Goodbye CamScanner!…Here Are Best Alternatives To Chinese Banned Apps

Goodbye CamScanne

Amid rising tension between India and China, the Indian government banned 59 famous Chinese apps a few days back. Due to this step, there is a massive demand for the best Indian apps. The government step is a strategic move and it will affect China’s economy severely. Also, many alternative Chinese apps are now being trendy in the market.

Apart from this, it supported many regional apps, or say alternative Indian apps that were already there in the market but now it comes in the limelight.

So, here we bring a curated list of alternative Chinese apps that are way better than the actual Chinese apps.

Best Alternative Chinese Apps For Your Smartphones

Here we bring a list of top alternative Chinese apps that are best in performance and easy-to-use.

Instead Of Xender and ShareIt Use Share all, or Files By Google

In this digital age file sharing is the most basic function and we need the best alternative of Chinese banned app Xender. You can use Share All or Files By google. Both are simple and effective. Here are a few features of Share All.

  • No USB and Internet is needed for file sharing.
  • Bucket sharing is possible.
  • The fastest file sharing tool.
  • Easy-to-use and speed goes up to 20 M/S.
  • Fast, straightforward and powerful tool.
  • A free file sharing tool that requires no cable.

Instead Of  TikTok, Kwai Use Roposo, Dubsmash or Mitron

TikTok is another most famous Chinese banned app.It was very famous across the globe. However, Roposo, Mitron etc are the best alternative Indian apps. Here are some of the best features that make Roposo the best Indian app.

  • It is India’s own video creation and sharing app.
  • It can be used in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam, Odia and Assamese language.
  • This free to download India’s best app, offers you to share videos & images on Whatsapp Status from over 25+ Channels.
  • The app has various platforms like fashion, comedy & jokes, homemade healthcare solutions, entertainment, singing, sports, news and many more.

Instead Of CamScanner Use FlashScan, Masterscan

Document scanning is one of the most time consuming yet essential tasks. While talking about the best alternative Chinese apps, we can’t miss the scanning category. FlashScan is the best alternative Indian app for scanning.Here are its best features.

  • Scan any types of documents like old photos, bills, invoices, ID cards etc in no time.
  • You can generate clear, sharp PDF scans with FlashScan.
  • It is the best image to text converter app that offers robust OCR.
  • The OCR feature lets you translate any text from English to other languages.
  • It is the Indian app for QR and Barcode scanning.
  • You can easily share scanned results with your friends.
  • It offers Favorite Document and Sort By features for easy access of documents.
  • It is a free PDF scanner app for Android, that offers many post-scan filters

Apart from that MasterScan is the best alternative Indian app for scanning if you are using iOS devices.

Instead Of Virus Cleaner Use Advanced Phone Junk Cache Cleaner

In the list of banned Chinese apps, Virus Cleaner was another famous name. However, India’s very own Advanced Phone Cleaner is a best replacement for that. Take a look at its features.

  • It keeps your device clean from cache and junk files.
  • It is one of the best Indian apps that helps you boost the speed of your device.
  • Declutters your phone.
  • Lets you play games smoothly with increased speed.
  • Helps to organize and manage your files
  • Anti malware, speed booster and battery booster
  • Free up the storage and RAM cleaner.
  • Duplicate photo cleaner.

Apart from that it offers many useful features that keeps your devices clean and fast.

Instead Of NewsDog Use Inshorts

Do you want to track the latest news in the most pricised way? Then you should use Inshorts. It is the best alternative Chinese app for NewsDogs. Take a look at its features.

  • Gives a news summary in 60 words.
  • Personalized news app that caters both in Hindi and English.
  • Get only headlines and facts.
  • No opinions and celebrity statements are shared along with the news.


These apps are perfect when you are planning to switch to a Swadeshi app. All products are genuine and perform accurately. While searching for the Chinese alternative apps, this list can be very helpful.

Forget the banned Chinese apps and be the nationalsit. Use these best Indian apps to ease out various tech-tasks.


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