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There are two types of people in the world, those who love reading and those who don’t. If you’re reading this article, then you know the type of person you are. You might already have a favorite book app, but maybe you’re curious to see if there’s something else out there that you’ve missed? Curiosity, is, after all, why you love reading in the first place, right?

From availability to readability, each of the best book apps is as unique as a snowflake; each is beautiful in its way. Readers– such as yourself– always drift toward preference. If a physical book is your preference, then you wouldn’t be interested in reading about the two best book apps, but because you’re interested and love to read, relax as the author takes you on a journey through the two best book apps available.

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It should be no surprise that the Kindle app would make the list as one of the top book apps available. Owned by one of the richest companies in the world, Amazon, the Kindle app shares in the glory by having one of the richest supplies of available content.

You won’t have trouble finding the latest and greatest content that you seek with Amazon’s Kindle. If you’re the type of reader that enjoys reading about inspiring athletes like USANA Athletes, you can search for those types of books by category. Whether it’s the device or format, style or font the Kindle app has everything you’d want as a digital reader.

If you enjoy free reading, the Kindle app provides. You might be more of a listener, or enjoy stories so much that the only way to proceed without stopping is to swap over to the audiobook, Kindle’s whisper sync links your versions together so you’ll never lose your place.

Prime members have access to Prime Reading and special deals, but Kindle Unlimited has over 2,000 digital titles available. Subscribing reigns as popular in society but if you’d rather kick it old school and purchase your content, the Kindle app stores everything in the cloud ready to download from your favorite device. No matter if it’s comics, magazines, or the New York Times bestseller, you can access it all from the Kindle app.


Often quoted as the Netflix of books, Scribd has a similar library as Kindle offering its users nearly identical content except for exclusives. Unlike Kindle, Scribd provides access to millions of documents including court filings, business templates, and academic papers; it also has sheet music. Although Amazon has podcasts available through Amazon Music or Audible, it isn’t accessible through their reading app such as Scribd.

With a premium membership to Scribd, you’ll have free access to additional services to TuneIn Premium, Peak Pro, CuriosityStream, CONtv + Comics, and FarFaria, saving you more money and giving you more benefits.

Other features include viewing or listening to Snapshots, which are key insights from books. Snapshots are marketed like movie trailers for books. The traditional synopsis should suffice, but if you’re for something different or with more detail, then you’ll enjoy the Snapshots.

Perhaps one of the best features of Scribd is the ability to freely upload a variety of documents. You can showcase your work by publishing and letting subscribers enjoy it.

You might not have heard of Scribd because it lurked in the shadow of a marketing giant, but sometimes the best secrets are kept in the dark. True treasure is discovered and your curiosity and love for reading became the map to lead you there.


As a digital reader, you probably know the entire scope of what Amazon offers, from free books and magazines to Kindle Unlimited and Audible, but just because its name starts with the letter “K” doesn’t mean it’s king.

Although Amazon has great content, it doesn’t win over the subscription service compared with Scribd. If you prefer to own your content, Kindle is best suited for you.

Remember, though you tend to read alone, stories are a social event when shared with friends.


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