9 Best Platforms for Free Apps

Free Apps

As technology advances, so does the market for applications. The demand for free apps is on the rise, but finding a quality application can be difficult. Fortunately, there are many platforms that provide you with thousands of options to choose from. Here are 9 of these platforms and some of their benefits:

  1. Google Play Store:

The best application platform out of all is the Google Play Store. It provides its users with hundreds of thousands of free apps that are compatible with Android devices, which means it’s easy to get an app for your device if you have one. The best part about the Google Play Store is that it’s a completely free application platform, meaning all of its apps are available to you for free with no hidden costs.

It’s easy to find apps on the Google Play Store. The best way is to type in a keyword for your desired application and choose from one of the suggested results or another related result if you aren’t satisfied with those options.

  1. Apple AppStore:

Apple has a very strict approval process, so only high-quality applications make their way onto this platform. The best benefit about using the AppStore is that most apps are designed specifically for iPhones and iPads, making them low in errors and generally reliable when used on these platforms. Although some apps have paid versions, many are free.

Additionally, if you are an Apple user, it is best to use the AppStore because many apps will only work on iOS devices. Another great thing about using the AppStore is that it comes pre-installed on iPhones and iPads, so all you have to do is sign in with your existing account.

  1. Torrent:

Torrent is best suited for different types of devices and offers many app genres. Apps that are available on Torrent come from a variety of developers, both big and small. You can even download free apps if you know where to look! The best part about using torrent is that you will have a wide variety of apps to choose from. Right from games, movies, music to social networking, torrents will provide users with a large number of apps that are great for different devices.

Torrent allows anyone who wishes to submit an app the opportunity without holding back on any submissions regardless of how experienced they are. This platform has many benefits, including access to thousands of applications at no cost making it easy to find what you want quickly! You can click here to explore a wide range of applications for your smartphone.

  1. Amazon AppStore:

Amazon has a similar best benefit to Apple in that they offer apps specifically made for use on Amazon devices. Amazon apps are also free and easy to download, plus they allow you to try out the app before buying it. Besides, Amazon has one of the best customer support teams around, which makes it easy to deal with any problems that might occur. It also offers a wide variety of apps that are best suited for Android devices.

  1. Samsung Apps Store:

This platform provides all kinds of different support areas such as tutorials and how-tos so shoppers can learn about their products before buying them. It includes thousands of free options too! Like any of the best platforms, you can access apps on multiple devices and download them via your Samsung account. These apps are best suited for all kinds of Samsung devices.

  1. Windows Store:

You have to create a Microsoft Account in order to use this best platform, but it is easy enough. Windows has more than 600000 different free options for you to choose from! Plus, they allow developers who don’t have a lot of money or experience with coding an opportunity because their app submission process allows anyone, regardless of how experienced they are, to submit something.

  1. Kongregate:

If you enjoy playing games or even creating them, Congregate might be just right for you! For those looking into becoming game developers, this can also be a good place where beginners can start by learning about the process before actually diving in. You have access to a wide variety of games, and there is even a section that allows you to search for the best apps.

  1. AndroLib:

This program offers thousands of applications for free which are divided into different categories making it easy to find what’s right for you. You can quickly get started with this platform regardless of your level of experience in developing apps simply because developers have access to all available SDKs, including NDK, Eclipse ADT, Gradle, etc.

  1. Appsfire:

It’s always best if there are reviews from other users that can help guide you in making an informed decision about downloading applications. In addition to providing these types of reviews, Appsfire also allows developers to upload their own application so they can gain exposure and higher rankings within the market place which helps them receive more downloads leading up towards greater revenue. They choose not only based on popularity but what type of user will best fit the application.


There are many platforms available to choose from, and each has its own benefits. We hope this list helps you find the best app for your device!



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