Ethical Hacker Salary Trends in Different Countries

Ethical Hacker

The term hacking isn’t a new one to the industry, however, it already existed back in the times of Alexander Graham Bell, when hacking was attempted to steal some of the very important data – which is all about the ways to operate the system. As soon as computer-generated systems arrived in the industry, the idea behind the terminology of hacking modified to a greater extent. It’s essential to make aware of the fact that the most initial hacking was attempted by the engineers on account to enhance the performance of OS.

This terminology turns out to be a subject in the 1980s when a single computer expert performed hacking to obtain unofficial accessibility, as well as wants to make a copy of the software programming. By considering the entire hacking attacks along with their consequences, the head of state of I-B-M John Patrick, initiated a Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) course, as well as CEH certification training in the tech industry to keep the safety of Information Technology infrastructure.

About Ethical Hacking and Ethical Hacking Professionals

Ethical Hacking – is an organized procedure that is supposed to attempt to discover the susceptibilities within a network by making use of tools as well as other kinds of hacking-related strategies. So, in that case, ethical hackers are the proficient experts who are working on the susceptibilities of the network. The topmost aspect is; ethical hackers are keeping working with the consent of an enterprise, and they are not allowed to do any illegal access. In another aspect, it can be said that ethical hackers or the experts of cybersecurity seem to be a similar one and also share similar characteristics and tasks.

An estimated range of income of the ethical hacker is around $80K every year. On the other side of the coin, other resources might claim different paying packages though it’s a standardized projection of the salary like how much one can attain in the initial stage. Similarly, CEH professionals would earn around $120K on yearly basis, but it is also depending on their locality, level of experience, and abilities.

As usual, hackers are the ones who have a very sharp mind, and their abilities would be used for the best counseling services. While these hackers are performing some great activities then they are known as the “security experts,” “pen testers,” “ethical hackers,” and similar ones. At this time, the experts of ethical hacking are highly demanded, particularly by the govt. sectors and in different private companies generating the topmost critical data on daily basis.

Moreover, the range of salary of the ethical hacker is ground-breaking, and they are entertained with a very good salary package to keep the safety of systems. As well as with their salary, there are so many opportunities that are available to work in numerous domains, and this is the reason it’s perceived as a great career prospect by a great number of individuals.

Ethical Hacker Salary Trends in Different Countries

  • Ethical Hacker’s salary in the state of United States: An average income of ethical hackers is planned $90K on yearly basis.
  • Ethical Hacker’s salary in the state of India: The approximate range of salary of these ethical hackers is about Rs. 600K on yearly basis.
  • Ethical Hacker’s salary in Canada: The prediction of the income of ethical hackers in the region of Canada is 74K Canadian dollars every year.
  • Ethical Hacker’s salary in the state of Australia: An average range of income of ethical hackers in the state of Australia is around 102K Australian dollars yearly.
  • Ethical Hacker’s salary in Singapore: An estimated income for the ethical hacker experts has planned 66K Singapore dollars per annum. As confirmed by the recently conducted survey, males are prone to get more salary, and also they are highly pleased with their job and what they are getting as a means of salary in Singapore.
  • Ethical Hacker’s salary in UAE: The approximated income for the professionals of an ethical hacker in the UAE region is around 176K UAE dollars every year.

Role and Responsibilities of an Ethical Hacker

These are the listing of some of the key responsibilities and roles which are acting out by the ethical hackers on the most priority basis.

  • They are required to keep working in the organizational networks and systems resources cautiously.
  • They have to determine the entire resources cautiously and also ready to report for a similar thing.
  • If there’s any cyber threat identified via the linked resources, they are required to take a quick action instantaneously but getting permission first from their organization.
  • If so many threats are identified, they are required to line up them as well as make a trick on the ways to manage the entire threats.
  • Their task is to finding out the mode of the line to minimalize the possibilities of cyber-attacks in a great manner.
  • They are requiring to keep working on the entire target sources; either its website resource, software program, or the hardware.
  • Their task is to look for the most upgraded system updates.
  • They are required to plan the newest strategies of hacking on account to make the organization secure.
  • They are required to read numerous security reports and docs for the security breaches.
  • Monitoring of network and system isn’t a single time duty, though it should be taken care – daily basis.
  • They are required to work on the security-related approaches and the ways to execute or carry out them in a professional manner.

Ethical Hackers Are In Demand Today

When your data becomes more susceptible to cyber threats, it would damage your entire business. As soon as businesses are taking the security of Information Technology seriously, they are going to keep protecting the data as well as they are capable to attain a competitive advantage among others. For most of the Info-Tech organizations throughout the world, cybersecurity is now turning out to be a much-highlighted aspect. The professionals of ethical hacking would manage with the circumstances cleverly and presents in the war zone whenever they are required to deal with any of the cyber-attacks.


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