How to Revert to an older version of Office

older version of Office

Problems with the Office package or with Outlook , Word or some other application? Let’s see how to revert to a previous build of Office or Office 365 in case of problems or bugs.

Lately it has been happening often, especially with Outlook (but not only): widespread bugs can make the user experience difficult, with simple features (such as search, contacts, etc.) that do not work properly with the risk of making life impossible for some users.

The first thing to do, in the presence of problems for example with Microsoft Outlook, is to remove the check from the item ” Store my settings in the Cloud ” from the General item in the Options.

If even so the problem persists, let’s see how to restore a previous version of Office while keeping the data. If office 365 still not your preferred choice then you should go with Microsoft Office 2019 Free Download full version with product key to get all things that you will be getting with the office 365.

Restore a previous version of Office: New Way

Microsoft provides a complete guide to be able to restore the product to an earlier version, to do this you need to download the Office distribution tool , then check which version we want to roolback by looking at the product update history .

Then open Notepad, paste the following command:


<Updates Enabled = “TRUE” TargetVersion = “16.0. Xxxxx.yyyyy ” />


Where instead of xxxxx.yyyyy we will enter the version we want to restore. For example, if we now have the latest which, at the current time, is 2107 14228.20204 we could go to restore Version 2106 (Build 14131.20332) or Version 2106 (Build 14131.20320) , then we will write 16.0.14131.20332.

Now we save the file created as All files (from file type) and name it “config.xml”, from the command prompt (or powershell) as administrator we type:

setup.exe / configure config.xml

Obviously we paste the config file in the same directory where the setup.exe file is located

Now we open any Office app and from Office Account> Update Options we choose Update Now , if necessary re-enter the Microsoft account and let the operation finish.

Restore a previous version of Office: From the command prompt

Another method, however, is to restore the package to a previous version using the command prompt or powershell as administrator .

To do this, simply type this command:

“C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ microsoft shared \ ClickToRun \ OfficeC2RClient.exe” / update user updatetoversion = 16.0.xxxxx.yyyyy

Where instead of xxxxx.yyyyy we will put the version we want to restore, as seen in the first method.

Once concluded, we have restored the product to the version we have chosen, now from File> Update Options we can (temporarily) disable Office updates.


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