5 Reasons to Embrace Smart Staff Rostering Systems

Staff Rostering Systems

What do all successful businesses have in common?  Gone are the days when the people – the human capital – that make just about every cent of profit happen are regarded as little else but tools like a hammer that do the work of knocking in the nails.  Today’s best business are those who see the employees as key moral assets that make the brand and the profit-making cogs sing rather than a cost that may need to be mitigated.  Those businesses who make key and often terminal mistakes when it comes to hiring or company culture regularly fall at the very first hurdle – staff rostering.  In more flowery terms, it’s what many now call human resource management, which is much more than simply telling team members what hours they are about to commit to.  Done right, staff rostering systems don’t just tell employees when to work, but how they find their lasting place within a thriving organisation.

In our speedily-advancing, evolving and revolutionising business landscape, the buzz in the staff rostering realm is all about automation.  And as that new world is also increasingly digitised, we’re really talking about automated staff rostering software – which does much more than replace the pencil and ledger with a computer or smartphone.  In the broadest possible terms, it works like this: you input the organisation’s staffing requirements and key metrics like shift budgets, you introduce the administrative teams and the workers themselves to the system, and you let the software’s core and programmed metrics like compliance, costs, availabilities, worker features and flexibilities – and it all runs like a dream.  It enables that exciting interplay of human and AI/machine learning/analytical capabilities and results in staff rostering that is connected, flexible, rewarding and powerful.

But the real truth is that no 300-word introduction can even begin to fully explore precisely why you should regard automated staff rostering systems and software as the best possible tool for managing your workforce scheduling challenges.  So let’s dedicate the remainder of this introduction to the latest generation of staff rostering software to a breakdown of as many benefits as possible:

  1. Labour

The paramount nature of labour costs cannot be understated, and so by automating your rostering with the aid of serious data-crunching and machine learning the result is less overstaffing, less need for expensive and productivity-sapping short-term solutions, and the best possible way to see the wood in full colour despite all the trees and branches.

  1. Stress

Ask anyone in HR, and they’ll tell you all about stress.  Even worse, the most mundane and time-consuming rostering tasks takes HR teams’ focus from more important matters, like customer service, whilst other key HR metrics like employee engagement are transformed and revolutionised with the integration of automated rostering software.

  1. Mistakes

Let’s be simple: humans make mistakes.  And human-interactive automated rostering system software simply makes less of them whilst simultaneously becoming smarter and more accurate over time.

  1. Motivation

A happy workforce is a more motivated one, and the key to this is both engagement and communication.  When a team member feels their needs and concerns, strengths and weaknesses are being specifically addressed, it represents an organisation that cares about its people just as much as it cares about the dollar.

  1. Quality

Staff who stay on board is one thing – but it’s even better if they’re the very best staff members of all.  What they demand above all is smooth processes, open lines of communication, plenty of notice, and systems that are both strict about absenteeism and unpunctuality whilst rewarding those who are engaged, energised and success-oriented.

Happy staff driven by excellence in a fluid interplay of an organisation’s human and digital/AI assets?  Can it really be this easy?  Get all those key elements in place, with smart staff rostering systems at the scheduling and administrative helm, and the biggest reward at the end of the day is a thriving business characterised by great services, products and loyal customers.  Talk to a modern expert today about how intelligent rostering software can put your company on the fast-track to a successful future.


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