Yowhatsapp – The Best Alternative of Whatsapp


The world has become a closely knit web of people. People anywhere and around any corner of the globe can talk to a person across different continents through their phones.

And without a doubt, the first name that captures your mind when you hear text messaging is WhatsApp.

It is the most widely used text messaging app in the world with 1.5 billion active monthly users around the world.

Everyone from your school friends to college friends to your (annoying) relatives to those good morning family groups are on WhatsApp.

Not having to call everyone for everything and dropping just a small text is the Introvert’s home.

WhatsApp protects our privacy(at least we hope so :)) and does have an extremely simple interface.

But, WhatsApp has some drawbacks, and what if we told you that there’s a MOD that offers you a ton of more features for absolutely free.

YoWhatsApp is an advanced WhatsApp mod that gives you a long list of features that you cannot find on WhatsApp.

Let’s talk about some of our favorite features of WhatsApp.

1)  A voice changer 

Yo WhatsApp gives you the ability to change your voice with the likeness of the feature on Snapchat. You can blow the minds away of your friends and they’ll constantly ask how you did that. (super cool, right?)

2)  Added preview for stickers 

Many times, we send stickers that seem something else when seen but turn out to be a bit different, but it’s gotten too late and now the conversation is awkward. Well, you can avoid that situation with YoWhatsapp.

3) Call blocker 

Ever find those annoying people who don’t understand hints that you do not want to talk to them?

Well, with YoWhatsapp you can block individual people from calling you on WhatsApp and keeping you away from a very awkward confrontation 🙂

4) Home screen wallpaper 

WhatsApp gives you the feature to send to change the wallpaper in your chats but not the home screen. Why the discrimination?

You can change the home screen wallpaper and make your WhatsApp way more attractive.

5) App lock 

YoWhatsapp comes with a built-in privacy option to set an app lock and stop people from snooping around in your phone.

(and with all the chats being leaked these days, this feature is definitely a must)

6) Themes 

You’ve been probably using WhatsApp for 5-6 years now and it’s pretty much the same and even though you don’t know it, you’re in a dire need of a theme change to make your app interesting.

7) Hide your online status 

You can hide your blue ticks or last seen but still, some people would see the inevitable ‘online’ on your chat and bug you.

Well, you can now even hide your online status and have that blissful privacy.

8) Messaging people without saving their contact

We all have come across this one situation where we have to individually message someone in a group but for that, we’ve to save their number first.

YoWhatsapp lets you message people without saving their number and saving your time.

There are a ton of other features on YoWhatsapp like increased video download size to 700 mb, anti-ban, privacy options, custom fonts, disabling forward tag, etc.

You can simply download YoWhatsapp by simply searching on the Internet and downloading it from the top results.

The process to set it up is identical to your WhatsApp setup and can even exist with the original app.

We hope that you download the Mod and have fun and flaunt all the features as well as make your friends asking how you did all that


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