Target Position Zero in Google: How to Rank in the Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets

Google always tries to help its viewers by introducing new features, which includes ‘Featured Snippets’, little pieces of content that show up at top of the page holding all the information, along with some highlighted words and URLs of websites. Getting your content on top of the page through SEO Services by Brainvire will surely boost your business recognition.

Featured snippets are popular because they: 

  • Boosts brand recognition
  • Reduces efforts on research
  • Provides easier access for readers

Now, according to Moz, 24% of SERPs include a featured snippet. It was just 9% in 2016. 

According to HubSpot, content that appears with featured snippets has 2 times more click rates than ones without it. It is a boost for marketers, allowing them to excel over their competitors. More clicks mean more traffic, that’s a big win-win situation. So, if the content on your website gets featured in the Snippets, it will surely bring in an ocean of traffic.

According to Getstat, the most popular type of featured snippet is the paragraph addition, which is 50% of all the snippets.


Here are some ways to rank in the Featured Snippets.

  1. Select keywords

It is important to know what words produce ‘featured snippets’-worthy content. Make in-depth research for keywords and use them in the content. Snippets that include questions are 48% more likely to appear. So it is always recommended to select your keyword properly.

Questions like why? What? How? And such have a higher chance.

2. Use Headers and bullet points

With the help of headers and bullet points, your website can appear more appealing to the readers as well as search engines. Headers that ask questions are more likely to get featured, as discussed earlier.

3. Check competitors featured snippets

Take the competitors ideas and use them. Always analyse what your competitors are doing and SEMrush can help detect things that may get your competitor featured. Some reasons why your competitors’ content is better are:

  • Strong domain authority
  • Use of popular keywords 
  • Short, clear, organized answers
  • Audience satisfaction

Google chooses the content based on the position they achieve. So content that includes these tactics will definitely be one of them. Around 99.58% featured snippets are from the top ten lists and 30.9% content ranking third.

4. Including Quality Images and Videos

Focus on doing the best and providing the best for the audience. That way even if a website is ranking low in search engines, it will rise because it satisfied the audience. Remember, images and videos are more effective than written content.

Insert high-quality images and videos that provide a lot of information, infographics, for example. Images tend to capture the attention of the users, while videos tend to give out lots of knowledge about a certain topic.

Find and insert images and videos that will keep users coming back. This will get Google to recognize the text and rank it up for the featured snippet.

5. Organized Content

Snippets are like trailers. They give an insight into what the content is about and can be of about 40-50 words. For search engines to select it, that little piece of content needs to give enough information.

A well-structured content is more likely to get there because it makes it easier for search engines to find. So don’t forget to ensure that your content should be organized to be concise and should be broken up in proper paragraphs, subheadings and bullet points.

6. The ‘Answer the Public’ Tool

The ‘Answer the Public’ is a tool that shows what prepositions and questions are popular in different countries. So once you enter these elements in your website, it may get featured.

By simply understanding the whys and the whats of the content, you can make your content much more reader- and search engine-friendly.

7. Study the Audience

At the time of creating a website, it is very important to know what and how the audience sees the content. Understanding the readers’ perspective will help create content that will satisfy them. Use Google’s “people also ask” section to know what questions people ask and then answer them in simple ways.

Once the queries of the audience are cleared, it becomes easier to create content that satisfies them, also increasing reputation and traffic.

8. Re-Organize Old content

People want the latest content and search engines to tend to choose just that. Make sure the content is always updated and has the latest information. Outdated content is not what people may prefer as it lacks modified information.

9. Focus

Having to write quality content and working hard towards it with dedication is the best way to achieve anything. With featured snippets, you just aim to rank at position zero. Once, you get there, all your clicks and that traffic will just come right in!

10. Keeping tabs on featured snippets

There are over a million websites always in competition. One content gets featured the previous one goes away, that’s how it works. Make sure to check the featured snippets often and learn from them to keep appearing at the top. This will 

Final Thoughts

Everyone on the internet is looking to outsmart one another. Stay dedicated, get ahead of everyone with quality content and all these tips. Google will surely see the efforts. With these tips, we can safely conclude that now you must have learned how to generate new leads, increase your conversion rate, how to improve ranks in Featured Snippets and many more.

We all know, if we need to survive in this competitive market, staying relevant on the internet by driving traffic is the key to success. If you get proper traffic, it does not matter which industry you belong to, your business will thrive.

Featured Snippet is a part of SEO, but more focused and result-oriented. With this, your website can achieve the first result or also known as zero positions. So, Featured Snippets can be more effective in promoting your business as compared to SEO.


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