5 Ways to be a Better Social Media Influencer


Social media influencers have become a growing and popular trend in the social media world. More and more people have begun to pursue a hobby, or even a career, in social media influencing. They’ve begun to create profiles strictly dedicated to social media influencing, brand awareness, lifestyle promotion, and other influencer roles. The role of a social media influencer is to give their followers an inside look at how they live their lives and try to play a positive role in promoting a certain idea, or way of life. This role of social media influencing has even reached the world of business, as more and more entrepreneurs begin to reach out to social media influencers to collaborate and work with. This move has worked! Social media marketing has proven to reach more people, and be as effective, as other forms of marketing like television ads or text message marketing. If you are a social media influencer, you need to position yourself to attract the interest of businesses, so that they would be interested in working with you. In order to do that, you must first grow your social media following and influence. And this article will attempt to show you how. Here are 5 ways you can become a better social media influencer.

Find Your Niche

The main role of a social media influencer is to promote a certain idea or lifestyle. The more you post about a certain topic, the more appealing you will become to the viewer or social media user. For example, if you post about fitness, working out and exercising, healthy lifestyles, and things of that sort, then the people who share those similar interests will be motivated to follow you. This is why it is important that you establish a clear and common niche. A good way to decide on a niche is to go with something that you yourself are passionate about. If you choose something you are passionate about, then it will be easy to come up with content and post about it on a daily basis. It will also be easy because you will be motivated to show the world your vast knowledge about it. Some social media influencers decide on a niche just because popular and trendy, and they want to take advantage of that. However, that comes with a risk. If you’re not passionate or well knowledgeable about the niche you’re posting about, then you risk people calling you out on it. That’s why it’s best to go for a niche that you admire, or at the very least, know about. 

Be A Pro

Once you’ve found your niche, what you want to do next is really hone in on your craft. Become the ultimate pro in the niche you chose to post about. Read up on all the material you can on that niche. Reach out to other influencers or bloggers, and get their thoughts and knowledge. Just pick their brain and see how you can improve your own profile and content. If there are certain courses or classes on your industry or topic that you can take, then do just that. Learn all you can about your topic or industry and constantly look for ways to be a better pro.


You will struggle to find businesses to work with if your social media following is relatively small or if you’re just starting out. If you want to get picked up by businesses’ radar then you need to grow your following and your network. The best way to do that is to collaborate and work with other like-minded influencers, who are similar to your niche, or closely comparable to it. You can collaborate with other influencers in a bevy of ways like posting about each other’s blogs, or hosting events of live streams together discussing your niche and subject. Another way to grow your network is if you reach out to businesses and offer to post or promote their product or service on your profile, free of charge! This is a great way to get their brand out there and get your brand out there as well, as you will be associated for being part of that particular brand or business. It also shows that you have experience working with products and promotion, which is a good sign for any potential future collaboration.

Post Regularly, and High Quality

I’m sure you heard the saying quality over quantity, but sometimes in order to be truly successful, it’s both. If you’re a social media influencer looking to grow your influence then you need to keep up with the other influencers out there. In order to do that, then you have to post content regularly -as in every other day. The reason why is because you don’t want your followers going too long without hearing from you, at the risk of falling behind in the relevancy. But posting content every day doesn’t mean you post whatever sort of content is available. Your content has to keep up a standard of quality and should at least appear that some effort was put into it. You also need to focus on having high-quality content that is packed with information and knowledge that will be useful to the reader. Don’t just post shiny photos and images. Come up with content that is going to benefit your follower with knowledge about your niche.

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 Be Yourself

At the end of the day, whatever niche or content you choose to post about, and however high the quality you are able to maintain, your followers are following you primarily because of you. Something about you appeals to them, and you have the ability to influence emotion in them whether it’s happiness, or curiosity, or whatever. So the most important thing you can do if you are a social media influencer looking to grow your influence is to be yourself, and let the rest fall in line.


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