How Are Web Design And Web Development Different?

web desining

Whether you are re-launching your website or building a new one altogether, web designing is a major factor to consider. What is web design? It is a process that involves planning, conceptualizing and building electronic files in collection, these files determine the text styles, layout, colors, graphics, images, structure and various other interactive features that help to launch your website to the visitors. Web development on the other hand is the general term used for overall work that goes in developing a website. There are usually two kind of web development, front-end and back-end. It is the work of a front-end developer to create in codes the visual design of the website, the visual design could be built by the front-end developer or could be handed to him by a visual designer. A back-end developer deals with advanced programming and interactions of the website. Both web designing and web development are important parts of creating a website. So, when hiring a India web design company you need to truly know the potential of the company, the kind of high end services they can provide and outstanding experience they can create for visitors through the website.

How is web design and web development different?

We already talked about the definitions. That says a lot about how web designing and web developing are different. While web designing is more for the aesthetic side of the game web development is for the functioning part. Now, you can hire either a web development or a web designing company for your website based on what you are expecting from it. If you are looking for a website that grabs instant attention of your target group audience, makes them want to check out every pages and creates a brand value for your business, hiring web designers India from a reliable web designing company is ideal for you. Because web designing and web developing are two such important facets for any websites, these services go hand in hand.

Why should you hire a web design company?

Does your website not attract much traffic? Does it look dull? Is not designed properly for your target audience? Do you need a new website to that is designed specifically in a theme or a vision of a kind? Do you need your website to promote your brand in an aesthetically strong way? You need to hire a India web design company, or one where you are. Without an appealing look to your website, without a signature style to your brand you cannot achieve the kind of traffic and sales you expect to. Aesthetics and presentation matter so much, especially in today’s world. There is so much competition, everybody is providing the services you do, and how you present those products and services is important if you want to attract the right crowd.


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