6 Steps: How To Migrate From Joomla to WordPress

hire a WordPress programmer.

Ideally, Joomla is a robust platform in its rights. Perhaps many people prefer using WordPress for their applications in the majority as it is easy to use and flexible. The main problem is shifting from one website to another as it can be a little confusing.

Why should you migrate from JOOMLA TO WORDPRESS?

Let’s start this by saying that Joomla is a fantastic platform as it offers a built-in search engine optimization, useful features, and strong security. When it comes to migrating from JOOMLA TO WORDPRESS, it isn’t about choosing which is superior but knowing which suits your need.

By comparison, it is common to know that WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. It offers many advantages, including:

  • WordPress is more beginner-friendly- if you don’t have knowledge of building or managing web portals, it will take you minimum time to get acquainted with WordPress as compared to Joomla.
  • Get more customization options- The number of plugins and themes that are available under WordPress users is astonishing. Irrespective of the type of website you want to develop, you can get quickly using these tools.

Thus it can be suggested that WordPress is by far the best option if you are a beginner, but you can build professional looking websites by using Joomla.

How to migrate from Joomla to WordPress?

  • Setup the FG Joomla to WordPress plugin– WordPress lets you import content from various platforms. Perhaps, Joomla isn’t among the list of CMS’s it natively supports. You don’t need to panic though you can easily add Joomla support to WordPress using the perfect Plugin. You can access your WordPress and add a new tab by going to the Plugins.

You can see a search bar to the right from where you can click on install now to the Plugin’s name. You will see the activate button by clicking on it you will be ready to go. You will need some conditionals before you actually know the Plugin that will help you pull in your Joomla content.

  • Search your Joomla Database Parameters– You can hire a WordPress programmerto enable WordPress to import the Joomla content. If you fail to get the traditional, the platform won’t allow the Plugin to copy files.

You can find these conditionals by clicking on the Joomla control panel and choose system Tab at the top screen and also select Global Configuration option. On the screen right, you can see database settings.

  • Migrate your Joomla content to WordPress- You will have all the required ingredients at this point. It is time for the FG Joomla to WordPress plugin to make it is magic work. You can get started by returning to the WordPress dashboard and go to tools and import tab.

You would see many options there, including Joomla FG, and click on the run importer. In the next screen, you will be able to see and configure and how it will handle content imports. Firstly you need to choose if you wish to integrate your WordPress with Joomla content and existing posts, or you can set everything as per new site.

The latter option is recommended. After scrolling down to the Joomla website parameters, you need to enter the URL of the existing website. By doing this, the Plugin will understand where to take its media from.

Lastly, you need to test the database connection button so the Plugin can check if the database parameters work permanently. Furthermore, you can also go ahead and click on the start button and wait for the Plugin to start.

  • Replace your internal links in WordPress- Thanks to FG Joomla to WordPress plugin also includes a tool that will help you fix your internal links. You can use it by returning to the tools import Tab and click on the run importer button under the Joomla option once more.

Thus you can see the familiar screen now, and you can ignore all the other settings mentioned in the step.  This button is here to take care of your internal links it will find amid your WordPress content. After the process is over, the Plugin will tell you how many links it has modified.

  • Point your domain towards WordPress- Probably, you already have a registered domain name that points towards Joomla site. Thus after migration, you need to make sure the area works perfectly, so you need to hire a WordPress programmer. When you are done, you need to remember that it takes time to implement changes.

At this stage, you can also delete your Joomla site as you are no longer using it.

Hence it is a big decision to move from Joomla to WordPress, but it isn’t a challenging process as you might think. You can easily use Plugin to enable WordPress to import your Joomla data.


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