Convert Word to PDF for Free in 4 Simple Steps

Convert Word to PDF

Using word processing software such as MS Word or WPS is one of the most essential tasks that many offices do daily. Almost every day, we write letters and contracts using this software. It’s user-friendly, and it does the job of inputting information and storing it safely on our computer. But, did you know that there’s a better way to keep your word documents safer and less prone to editing?

PDF is a converted image-finish of a document that enables you to store your files without making them vulnerable to changes. If you are looking to archive your Word files or disseminate it to many people, you use a PDF format for easy viewing access.

4 Steps to Convert Word to PDF

If you are looking to convert Word to PDF for free, the best option is to use an online platform tool such as PDFBear. It’s a website that offers various PDF converting, and modifying tools, which allows you to do your desired tasks without signing up or installing anything on your computer.

To do that, you can start by going into their website. Select Tools from the menu at the top of the page. Under the Convert to PDF column, look for the Word to PDF function and click on it. Once you are already on that page, you only need to follow these four easy steps.

  1. Select a document on your computer and upload it to the website. You also have the option to drag your files from the computer to the site.
  2. Once selected or uploaded, PDFBEar will automatically scan your document file.
  3. If no issues are encountered, the conversion process will begin. It will only take a few seconds, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.
  4. Once done, you will get a prompt to download your converted file on your computer.

Converting your Word document to PDF using PDFBear is as easy as that. No need to download, install, or buy anything. By just visiting their website and following the steps mentioned above, you can swiftly get a PDF copy of your word documents.

Why Should You Convert Word to PDF

PDF is a permanent version of your document file, think of it as an ebook. It’s a document that the recipients can view or read using any of their devices. It’s best for information dissemination for offices, such as sharing internal or external memos and sending out confidential contracts. Moreover, this can be used when you need to archive important documents.

One of the best features of PDF is that other users cannot edit it. You can be sure that the contents of your files will not change once you release it. Another best feature is that it keeps the formatting of your original document. Understandably, there are different types of word processing software. Thus, some formatting options such as font and layout may not match if you and the recipient have different software versions. It can also affect the overall output for when you need to print the document. 

With PDF, you can encrypt your documents with a password so you can be sure that only authorized persons can access it. You can use this for financial reports and other legal documents that can only be seen by whoever is allowed to. Furthermore, you can also add a watermark on your PDF file such as “Confidential” to give a heads up to anyone reading it that the information contained in the document is not for public release.

Use PDFBear for hassle-free online PDF conversion

PDFBear’s goal is to increase your efficiency and help you perform your tasks easily. Because of this, they make sure that processing your conversion tasks is fast and hassle-free. And to add to this, they also guarantee the protection of your personal information. Hence, all the files uploaded on their website will be deleted on the server after one hour of processing the files.

Improve your productivity and enhance your archiving strategy with PDF. Start converting your word document to PDF files today! Visit PDFBear’s website to know more about its features and services.


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