Top Animated Video Production Styles Which Promise To Be Revolutionary

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If you are an entrepreneur or a video marketer, it is essential to know about the different marketing styles and how you can use them.

Imagine you are marketing about a singing contest, and you are using monotonous videos with basic transitions; this won’t work. Hence you must understand the different animated video production styles so that you can work seamlessly in your projects.

Following are some of the animated video production styles that we feel will be revolutionary in the future. So, let’s check them one by one.

Also known as motion graphics video, these are quite easy for your business stakeholders to understand as they use logically constructed messages which are aimed to capture the attention of rational buyers.

They are designed in such a way that the entire information is put out in a summarized way in the minimum time possible.  This can be done with proper animated video production software, which will help any average buyer to understand the techniques and effects of purchasing such software for their business. Also, the plus point is that animated infographics cost quite less than other production styles, which is the reason most can use them.

  • Custom Character Animated Video

In a custom animated character video, generally, 2 or 3 animated characters are used so as to tell your business message in an imaginative and story-led way in order to highlight different problems and their solutions.

They are commonly used by businesses operating in a highly competitive industry where there is an urgent requirement to stand unique from the crowd.

These custom characters and scenes brought out by proper animated video software help to give a unique presence to your business. Though it is a bit costlier than infographic videos, it would definitely be worth working on a custom character animated video.

  • Explainer Videos

These videos can be done either through 2D or 3D animation. These videos generally cost quite less as there are no requirements for designing original characters. This is an option of video animation, which we feel is going to be revolutionary in the future and will come in handy to a lot of organizations.

  • Motion Graphics

This is generally used for moving different types of graphic elements, which include text, logos, or after-effects. This works remarkably in the advertisement industry and also for various multimedia projects.

  • Stop Motion Animation Style

The stop motion animation is in a lot of ways similar to the traditional animation style, except that instead of drawing, you use clay models to create animation. Puppets, cut-outs can be used in stop motion animation. Stop motion was formerly a popular style of special effects for live-action movies, but it has since been mostly superseded by 3D animation and visual effects work.

Summing Up

These are some of the top animation styles we feel are going to be revolutionary in the future, and if you are someone who is a beginner or in the intermediate stage in this field, then you must use animated video production software for this.


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