How much does it cost to make an app in Dubai?

app in Dubai

Developing an app is not an easy task when it has so much demand in 2020. The app demand has risen since the pandemic outbreak. Now more and more companies want mobile applications for their business. As there are so many companies who want to make their app with the help of app development companies in Dubai. There are also many companies in Dubai who do not go overseas for mobile application development companies as they found the best companies in Dubai itself.

Being the best mobile app development company in Dubai, its prices would also vary. So in this article, we will talk about developing an app in Dubai. But before that let us discuss some reasons why mobile applications are so successful in Dubai. Dubai has always been a city known for its advanced technology and modernization. As mobile applications provided a complete successful change in their business in every sector of their economy whether it is public, private, or Healthcare.

The mobile applications helped those businesses to reach their potential audiences with ease. Actually, the mobile applications developed in Dubai are simple and useful that satisfy all customer needs with minimum hazards. The mobile app development company in Dubai are satisfying and productive. Their usability makes them so flourish that now everyone wants to develop their app in dubai.

Cost of Developing an App in Dubai

We have talked about why mobile applications in Dubai is so important to develop. These applications vary as per requirement. The cost of an app depends on the business type. The apps are of different types and require different kinds of specifications. As per some sources, the average cost of mobile app development in Dubai is USD 10,000. It will go up to USD 50,000 as per your business requirement. You have research the requirement of your business and the value you want to provide through your app.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Mobile App Development

Some factors in Dubai can affect the cost of your mobile app development :

  • Mobile Application Size
  • Mobile App development Location
  • Enhancement of app
  • App Pattern & Structure
  • Specifications & Features Of App
  • Deployment of App
  • App Load Testing

Specifications Of Mobile Applications should have

Every business requires different features and functions. But if you want to develop your app in Dubai, you have to research what are features trending in Dubai. So here we are talking about some features you can consider in your app development process :

1.   Incorporation of Third Party

You can add other parties to your app so that it provides better services to your customer. There are so many third parties who provide value and integration with third-parties can benefit your business.

2.    App privacy & Security

Before developing an app, always make sure that your application should be highly secure. Not only security but there are no chances of malware and hacking. You have to spend some amount on your app’s cybersecurity and protection.

3.    Technology Within Your App

Always make sure the technology you are using in your app should be trending and demanding. Avoid traditional methods but always use the one which has been accepted by all. You can integrate technologies like blockchain, ML, and AI.

4.    Platform For Mobile Application

You have to decide on your mobile application platform very carefully. Because it affects your target audience. Always understand the requirement of your targeted audience and provide them with the right platform.


Dubai is a place where technology always get updated day by day. While choosing your mobile app development you have to research a lot. Because there are a wide variety of customers. You have to find out your focus group and develop your app which can give value to that group.

Not only focus, but the amount invested in you will also affect your business. So try to make your app simple and useful. App usability can make you win. We have discussed the cost of a mobile app so your minimum investment would be from USD 10, 000 to USD 50,000 that’s it.

Hope you enjoyed the article.


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