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SEO Strategies

Every blogger knows that without having a certain amount of organic or paid traffic hitting their site, any monetization, be it through ads or affiliate marketing, relies heavily on the number of readers.

Digital marketing plays a key role in promoting and growing a website, but search engine optimization as part of any digital marketing strategy can bring great and relatively plannable results without investing too much to start with.

From SEM to SEO, there are several ways in which you can promote and grow your blog. And while many bloggers focus on paid Google Ads, email marketing, and content marketing, SEO remains the one digital marketing technique that allows you to improve the organic reach of your online presence and can skyrocket your online income.

At SeekaHost University the SEO experts teach everything you need to know about SEO and in the Blog For Profits Course you can learn step by step how to start a blog and monetize it to earn an income online. Below instructor Manuela Willbold breaks down a few vital and compressed points to give you an idea.

Improve Organic Traffic with Guaranteed results Through On- and Off-Page SEO

If you are not implementing SEO in your digital marketing strategy, then the only traffic you will be getting on your website will come from your PPC marketing and social media campaigns. With the help of search engine optimization, you can improve your Google SERP rank, which means more people will be able to see your business in search results for free organically. On- and Off-Page SEO is still the best way of increasing the flow of guaranteed organic users on your website as you can see in SEO agency ClickDo’scase studies on their business website.

Start with reading all about the “Top 5 On Page SEO Techniques that You’re Probably Not Doing” on the ClickDo blog to check if you’re applying some of these to your blog already. If not, do it ASAP!

Then check the article by instructor Dinesh Kumar about “How to get started with SEO for a brand-new website?” where he shares some Off-page SEO strategies that every new blogger should apply to start ranking on search engines.

Now you see what you need to focus on initially to get more exposure for your website.

Apply Organic User Tracking to Guarantee Growth

Driving organic traffic to your website is one thing, but to track your audience, where your readers find you, which keywords they find you under etc. is equally important to continue to grow your blog. Using SEO tracking and analytics tools will allow you to see how your SEO efforts are working and whether you need to make any adjustments or not. You can track the user right down to the original keyword that leads them to your site. That way, you will always optimize your content and SEO efforts, and it can boost your traffic and with that your potential monetization options.Also, one can track all rankings from their Google Search Console tools, helping you measure and track your website’s search traffic and performance.

Choose Affordable SEO for Blog Monetization

If you compare SEO to other forms of digital marketing, it is quite cost-effective. As you saw the above techniques can be applied without investing much apart from a monthly subscription to an SEO tool of your choice and perhaps some guest blogging or link building. Therefore, the conversion rate you will get from SEO is remarkable as you can triple your organic traffic within weeks or months and start earning from placed ads, guest posting or affiliate links, which increases as soon as your site traffic grows.

Promote Brand Awareness with SEO

When your website is showing on the top of search engine results, then you will be getting more impressions and expressions. The more noticeable your website is, the more brand awareness you will create, which will help establish yourself as an influencer. Also, all the keywords your target audience will be using will unconsciously become associated with your brand and you can create digital products, which you can also sell via your blog. SEO experts Neil Patel and Fernando Raymond have established themselves as gurus that people find on search engines along with their books, courses and more. Readers are more likely to click on a site that is on top of the Google SERP rankings compared to any other brand that is way down in the rankings.

Blog Monetization and SEO go Hand in Hand

Every blogger needs SEO and SEO also relies on guest blogging, social media marketing, content writing and paid ads even for a low budget. All of these techniques and more can be learned at the SeekaHost University eLearning platform plus you can find the latest guide on how to make money online as a student. If you’re a more experienced blogger or online freelancer/entrepreneur, you should check out the extensive make money online guide by ClickDo.

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