10 Must have Features for Your Restaurant App

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The number of restaurant Apps is growing by leaps and bounds, and now having the right features in your app is as important as creating your own restaurant app. Customers look forward to user-friendliness and easy access in an app, as they don’t want to spend too much time looking for their favorite meal. Especially because app development companies have made it so convenient for restaurant owners to have their own app, it is advisable to take their help to build an app with the most important features in it. So, let us discuss what a customer looks for in an app and features that your restaurant app must-have.


Customers like to speak to someone for any assistance required, all thanks to artificial intelligence that is now easily possible using a chatbot. Their questions like “Do you serve vegan food”, or any other assistance regarding payment, ordering, pre-booking, etc. can be easily answered using a chatbot. Chatbot is both efficient and cost-effective. It also helps to give your customers a personalized experience and quick response. Moreover, the human touch and connectivity make it even more convenient and attractive.

Time and order tracking

In a busy day-to-day life, it becomeseasier for customers if they can keep a track of their order. There are features with which you can let your customer know the status of their order like order confirmed, table booking confirmation, order out for delivery, expected delivery time and duration, and much more. This not only helps your customers but also makes your operations less time consuming and efficient.

Mobile Payments

Digitalization has brought everything closer to customers. Just a click of a button can take your food from your restaurant to their doors. They expect the similar experience in the payments as well and having the provisions of e-wallet and online payments make it comfortable for them. Not only this, even while visiting your restaurant a lot of customers prefer online payment for its convenience. It’s not just convenient for them, but it also becomes easier for you to keep track of your accounts and billings.

Social Media Presence

It is a very important feature as it expands your market reach and visibility. Almost everyone is present on social media, and they often want to share their experiences, whereabouts in their social media platforms. You can also add social media login option in your app, this will help your customers to bond better using updates, videos, news, notifications, etc.

Ordering and Table Booking

Your app should definitely have these features either individually or combined. Ordering feature allows the customers to get their food pre-ordered for home delivery or take-away. And the table booking feature allows them to pre-book their tables to avoid waiting time. This can also help you in better management of your staff and improve the overall service of your restaurant.

Location detection

This feature helps both the customers and the owners. Customers can use this to give their exactlocation to increase delivery efficiency. And owners can get the advantage of it by looking at the location and deciding whether or not it is feasible for them to deliver on that location or not. It also improves delivery time accuracy, which increases customer satisfaction and brand image.

Loyalty and Discount

These features attract a customer the most. Also, they become loyal to your brand when you give them loyalty discount coupons and points that can be redeemable in their orders. A feature that can give them updates about this whenever they login to the app can turn out to be very beneficial.


Your potential customer might not have the time to go through the entire menu. So it is better to give them a personalized experience where they can filter their needslike veg/non-veg, dinner/breakfast, and so on.

Push notification

Although it is up to the customer when they want to be notified, or whether or not they want to be notified. But this can be very useful to share important information like discounts, special meals, reservations, etc.


No matter how tech-savvy a person is, or how attractive your app looks. Your customers will always want the app to be simple so that it doesn’t consume much of their time, and they can find the information easily. So always try to keep your app easy and simple to use, this increases your app traffic.

Including appropriate apps can increase the productivity of your restaurant app by multifold. So reach an app development company and specify them about your requirements to build your restaurant app and walk hand in hand with the growing technology.


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