How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Webcam

Smartphone into a Webcam

If you are working from home or taking online classes as a student webcam is a necessary tool you must have. But you are looking for an option which can help you anytime. Because you are somewhere where it is not possible to join a webcam. So for this case, you need to find a new webcam for yourself that can be useful.

Are you tired of looking for the new webcam? It requires a lot of concern and things to be noticed. But why consider this when you have a smartphone in your hand?

Now, you can think of a question.. How to use your phone as a webcam?

You can look better on Zoom calls and save some money by learning how to use your phone as a webcam. You’ll also need one of the best ring lights and microphones if you really want to look and sound your best during video calls. You can choose the best option for you.

Are you prepared to use your phone as a webcam?

A built-in webcam is frequently located above the LCD in laptops. The cameras’ quality isn’t as good, though. In addition, a webcam is not always included in PC configurations.

It thus becomes necessary in that situation. If you choose a webcam, a high-quality webcam can cost several hundred dollars. Therefore, rather than wasting money on a webcam that will only be used sporadically, consider an alternative way.

By using your Android phone as a webcam, you may cut costs. Additionally, you may use Android’s superior camera for video calls for clearer images.

Let’s discuss some benefits of using your phone as a webcam.

Benefits of using smartphone as a webcam

Perhaps you have a tight budget or dislike the idea of having too many gadgets taking up room in your home. There are advantages to using your smartphone instead of a camera, regardless of your reasoning.

Benefits include the following:

Convenience: You always have your phone with you, right? Your next video chat or podcast session will require one less item for you to remember to bring.

Superior to your laptop in quality: If you have to decide between utilising your phone’s camera or the one integrated into your computer, use the latter. Your Android or iPhone most likely has a stronger camera and can take clearer pictures than your PC.

Lower price: It’s understandable that aspiring podcasters and content producers might not have the resources to set up a costly recording studio. A phone can be a great and affordable method to start recording while maintaining high-quality audio.

There are many applications which can answer your question of How to easily use your iPhone or Android as a webcam?. Here is the list of the apps that are used for converting the smartphone into a webcam.

Best apps for Android Webcam


The app has integrated Snapchat lenses for video chats and live streams with many additional features. This app is best for iOS platforms as you cannot install it on Android phones. Instead it will work with windows, Mac & other operating systems. Also provide you with an HD camera alternative to your nominal webcam.

Additional features of Epoccam

  • You can also design your own digital avatar and alter things like hair colour.
  • Have a full system for video conferencing, YouTube videos, online classes, etc. with a multicam configuration.
  • Sharing your camera’s video clip wirelessly through WiFi.


  • Best video quality
  • Budget friendly
  • Easy to set up


It is the most popular & demanding webcam for android use. ​​To convert your mobile phone camera into a webcam, you can choose a USB connection or wifi connection of your Android with a PC. It can be your go-to solution whether you want to stream a live video on YouTube or use your phone camera to join a call.

Some of its features are- 

  • The application can run in the background when you are using your phone.
  • Options for connectivity with USB as well as wireless are given.
  • When there is no WiFi you can connect it with a hotspot.
  • A chat box is also given.

Advantages of using Droidcam

  • Available for windows & Linux
  • Paid version has advanced features

Best Ways to Use Android Phone As Webcam

You can link your PC and phone using an Android app and use the phone’s camera as a webcam if they are both connected to the same network.


You have complete control over how to move and position the phone camera because it is connected wirelessly. Even moving it to another room is possible.

Since no special permissions are required, setup is simpler.


Due to the limitations of wireless connections, latency will be unavoidable.

The strength of wireless signals can have an impact on the video’s quality by increasing latency and causing frame skips.

Let’s look at some tips for using an Android phone as a webcam for a PC.

  • To ensure a rapid setup and connection, always restart or relaunch the application.
  • While downloading and installing a webcam client to your desktop or laptop, you should close any video conferencing programmes.
  • Always turn on developer options and USB debugging on your Android phone for the webcam.

Therefore, if you plan to use your Android phone as a webcam, make sure it is connected to a power source.

Best apps for iOS Webcam


Users can enjoy high-definition video and audio quality with this webcam. You may easily connect your phone to your computer without a wire by downloading this reputable programme to your phone. Additionally, it gives the option to transfer recorded HD videos in a variety of file formats to other platforms. As a result, using this app is simple, and changing the video settings is recommended.


  • Connect your PC via a USB or an internet connection quickly and effectively.
  • It supports a variety of video quality formats & gives the user the option to alter the video’s frame rate.


One of the best free webcam programmes is WebCamera, which has several benefits. It offers wireless connectivity, allowing users to conveniently utilise this software wherever they are. It offers the customer a choice between three different resolutions so they can select the one that best suits their needs.


  • It Supports messaging apps that allows users to share video instantly.
  • Has a very simple user-interface that is more suitable for people who don’t have any technical knowledge.

In order to conduct online meetings and sessions comfortably on our laptops, we all need dependable and high-quality cameras. So, is it much better to learn about how to use your smartphone as a webcam?

Where to start when using your phone as a webcam 

Starting is frequently the most difficult aspect, especially if you have never done this before. Before beginning, there are a handful of things you should remember. These are them:

  • Model of your phone
  • The phone’s user guide
  • USB cables to link your laptop and phone
  • Good Wi-Fi for streaming or using any wireless webcams

Use an iPhone as a Webcam

Installing one app on your iPhone and another programme on your Windows PC or Mac are both necessary in order to use your iPhone as a webcam. The setup is very straightforward however, native apps offer more straightforward options.

Consider merely downloading the appropriate iPhone app in its place if you need a webcam to make Skype calls, talk with coworkers on Zoom or Slack, or simply check up with friends on WhatsApp. These apps perform best on the compact screen as they were created specifically for a mobile experience.

Invest in an affordable tripod if you are supposed to use your iPhone in such a manner. Purchase tripod mounts for smartphones to upgrade any currently owned photographic equipment.

You need to download an app for your phone & PC in order to use your iPhone as a webcam. Unfortunately, third-party software is needed to make this functionality work because your iPhone doesn’t support it.

Following testing and reading of evaluations, selected two to recommend:  iVCam & EpocCam. You can test these before you buy because they both come with large free alternatives.

You can connect to either of these using a wifi or USB connection. To improve the lighting of the scene, you can use front- or rear-facing cameras and even turn on your device’s flash. When compared to a webcam, both apps are a fantastic value if you decide you like them and want to acquire the complete version.

Additionally, the wireless connection is based on UPnP, which might not work well with all routers. Another option is the free programme for video creators called NDI|HX Camera. It’s a little trickier than most people would want, though.

Use of Android as a Webcam

  • Install the application and software, and provide it any permissions it requests.
  • On your Android phone, launch the app and change the settings.
  • Open the programme on your Windows computer to approve and handle the connection.

When compared to the more challenging process of connecting an Android phone to a Mac as a webcam, using Android phones with Windows will be much simpler.

When using Android phone with Mac

  • Install the Pocket Cam programme on your Mac.
  • Run PocketControl by going to your Mac’s application folder.
  • Sync your Android device with your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Your phone and Mac will immediately connect once the app launches and they are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • When you see Connected to your computer name: port.
  • Open the webcam application or video conferencing program, and choose PocketCam as the virtual camera source.

How to Use Streamlabs OBS to Turn a Phone Into a Webcam

You could assume that Streamlabs OBS is only used for live streaming to platforms like Facebook and Twitch. It has released a mobile version that enables you to record video using the camera on your phone.

Your phone’s screen can be captured together with whatever your front- or back-facing cameras are seeing. If that’s what you want, you can choose to only use the camera.

This section will focus on the PC version of Streamlabs OBS rather than the mobile version. We want you to be able to use your phone as a camera by adding it to Streamlabs OBS as a video source.

What you must do is as follows:

  • Go to the play store, type in VCam, and then download and install this application.
  • Play around with the app’s settings to become familiar with how they all operate.
  • It’s time to configure the app as a video source in Streamlabs now that it is operational on your phone.

The steps are as follows:

  • Streamlabs OBS Open
  • Locate the Sources box in the bottom-left corner of your screen.
  • Click the + sign in the box’s upper right corner.
  • Video Capture Device should be clicked.
  • Click Add Source

Issues You May Experience

You might occasionally run into a small problem, as with any technological task. We’ll go over some of the steps you can take to solve problems or troubleshoot them in this section.

What to do if your PC doesn’t find your phone

If you’re connected by USB, this is a common problem. You can run the following tests to see if any of them are applicable to you:

  • Some Android devices demand your permission to connect. On OnePlus phones, for instance, you must drag down the notification bar and select the kind of connection you want to establish with the PC.
  • Verify that your phone’s screen is on and that you have entered your password.
  • Ensure that the PC is filled with the right IP address for your phone.
  • Need the most recent versions of the apps and tools you use to facilitate the webcam.
  • Restart your computer and your phone after unplugging them both.
  • Hopefully one of these suggestions will help you connect and activate the webcam.

How to Get Better Webcam Video Quality

There is nothing more annoying than a video call with blurry video and loud crackling sounds. The following advice will help you increase the overall video and audio quality of your webcam:

  • Get the recording app on your phone’s resolution setting as near to 1080p as you can.
  • Many smartphone webcam programmes let you utilise the flash while recording if the lighting is poor; if it’s too bright, cover the LED with some white fabric to diffuse the light.
  • Use an external light to illuminate the scene and your face more effectively. You may get affordable streaming light rings.
  • Connect an external microphone to your computer or phone and use it as audio.
  • For the fastest and best connection possible when using Wi-Fi to connect to your PC, make sure all other devices are turned off.
  • Use the primary camera on your phone instead of the selfie camera whenever possible because it has a much higher resolution and better quality.

How to look best in your video calls

Now that you have a few options for recording webcam video in high quality, it’s important to consider how to get the greatest possible results by both sounding and looking your best. You can use the four tips we’ve provided below to look polished and prepared during your next video conversation.

  • Fix the perfect light 

If at all feasible, pick a room that is roomy and has lots of natural light. Allow as much natural light to enter the space as possible by opening your blinds or drapes.

If you want to look your best, a ring light is another excellent purchase. They flatteringly draw attention to your face, and many have various colour settings so you can choose the appearance that suits you the best.

Put a bright lamp behind your computer screen to provide the same appearance if you don’t have a ring light. Keep the brightest source of light in front of you, regardless of the type of lighting you employ. If the light is coming from behind you, your face will be cast in shadow and you will be backlit.

  • Use the main camera on your phone.

Use your phone’s rear-facing camera, not the selfie one, whenever possible. With that lens, you’ll be able to take better pictures and have more possibilities.

  • Protect Your Phone

Try to use your phone as a webcam while holding it in your hand for the quickest way to come out as unprofessional. As your arm wears out, your image may appear unstable and even incline at an awkward angle.

Instead, hold your phone steady while recording by using a tripod or mount. This will enable you to choose the ideal angle before recording, giving your work the best possible appearance.

  • Purchase a microphone

Finally, to get the greatest sound, utilise an external microphone. If you’re short on time or money, you can choose to use the built-in microphone in your headphones, but a good external mic will help you advance. Find the finest microphone for your demands and budget by consulting our buying guide.

How Can I Use My Phone Without an App as a Webcam?

Of course, skipping the need for a computer entirely is the simplest approach to using your phone as a webcam. Download the mobile app if you can of the recording or conference software you are utilising.

Depending on the purpose of your recording and the software you’re using, you might choose to go this path. It may be simple to record a Skype or Zoom call directly from your phone, but the audio and video quality will be quite poor.

Recording quality is probably not a concern if all you need to do is make a business call. The recorded footage likely needs to be of a better calibre if you intend to record a remote podcast interview or a live broadcast for your brand’s social media feed.

Fortunately provides a smartphone app that eases some of the hassles associated with doing video interviews.

Wrapping it up!

Thankfully, you got the idea of how to use your smartphone as a webcam.  There are several apps available nowadays that make it simple to use your smartphone camera as a recording device for your upcoming virtual recording, regardless of whether you have an Android or an iPhone.

Use the main camera on your phone to record in order to get the best quality video from your phone acting as a webcam. For more professional audio and video, use an external mic and a tripod.


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