How to Find Google Drive Duplicate Files

Google Drive

Google drive duplicate files can take up space. They also clutter up a shared file system. This makes it hard for people to find the specific file they’re looking for.

Over two billion people use Google Drive. You can make it easier to use by deleting duplicate files. No matter which device you use, you can unclutter your filespace in a few short steps.

Delete Duplicate Drive Files: Android

You don’t need a duplicate file remover for Android. You can delete duplicate Google Drive files on your smartphone in seven steps.

  1. Open Files by Google

Open the Android app “Files by Google.” It looks like this:

Original files will be marked with the “Original File” badge. It’s wise to keep the original file. The badge looks like this:

  1. Tap “Clean”

Scroll to the bottom of the page. Tap the “Clean” icon. “Clean” looks like this:

“Clean” will show you cleaning suggestion cards. These cards include “Junk Files,” “Delete Duplicates” and “Delete Downloaded Files.” Choose “Delete Duplicates.”

  1. Select Files to Delete

Tap the button “Select Files.” This is on the “Delete Duplicates” card. It will show you all duplicate Google Drive files.

Tap the circle in the upper-right corner of a file to select it. You can then delete all selections by tapping the blue button. It’s on the bottom of the screen.

Find Google Drive Duplicate Files: Mac or PC

There are two strategies to delete duplicate Google Drive files when using a Macbook. They also work when you use PC devices.

You can use Google Drive’s copy-finding system. Or you can delete files locally using a duplicate file remover. There are also apps that find duplicate files for you that can help.

Find Copies Manually

There are three steps to find copies manually. This only works for duplicate files that were never re-named.

  1. Log Into Google Drive

Log into Google Driver in your browser. Once you’re in, go to the upper-right corner. Click “List view.”

  1. Organize Files by Name

Organize the list of files by name. Click the left-most column title “Name.”

Google will have named duplicate files “Copy of____.” Scroll down to see all files with this title.

  1. Delete “Copy of____” Files

Select the files you want to delete. Then click the trash icon.

  1. Use 3rd Party Apps or Extensions (Optional)

There are third-party apps that scan your Google Drive system on the cloud. These browser extensions can identify duplicate files that aren’t named “Copy of____.” An extension may be called a “duplicate files fixer.”

Many of these apps are available in the Mac store or Google Workplace Marketplace. Follow individual extension instructions to find and delete duplicate files this way.

Find Copies Locally

You may want to find duplicate files faster. Or, you may want to delete renamed files.

This is especially true when you need to delete heavy files that take up a lot of space. You may have renamed these files in a project that involved creating slight variants of heavy files.

  1. Use Google’s Back-Up & Sync

This stores your cloud-based files locally. Many workplaces already use a local storage system as a backup.

  1. Download and Open Gemini 2

Gemini 2 scans for and deletes duplicate files locally. Choose “Google Drive” as a Custom Folder. Then open it to scan for duplicates.

  1. Select Smart Cleanup (Optional)

Gemini 2’s algorithm uses Smart Cleanup to identify the best quality file among duplicates. Then it deletes all others.

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