How To Make Whipped Cream Using A Whipped Cream Charger and Canister

Whipped Cream Charger

It’s a well-known fact that using a whipped cream canister is the best means to apply whipped cream on top of food and drinks, rather than just dunking the cream onto the food. It’s been a common thing for people to apply whipped cream by spraying the canister on top of the food. Also, others would find it weird and not recommended to apply whipped cream if it’s not through the use of a canister. Also, the texture of the whipped cream looks much better if it came out of the canister.

But why is it so good to put whipped cream using a canister, instead of just getting a container filled with whipped cream then just dunk it on top of whatever you want to eat with it? It’s all thanks to the wonders of nitrous oxide and how it makes your whipped cream so stable enough to make it look like the usual whipped cream that we love to have. In this article, you will learn why it looks so through the means of making one while applying the whipped cream into the canister.

The Process

The whole process is not complicated, and even kids can do it if you want them to try it out. But be sure that you must follow the steps in the exact way that’s instructed on the steps below:

  1. First of all, prepare the canister by removing the screw that seals the canister. Afterward, insert the tip of the canister this time, which is usually a separate part that comes along with the canister package. Make sure that the tip and the canister are attached property so then the cream will flow out of the nozzle just like how it’s supposed to. To do so, just check if the dispenser’s gasket is placed at the underside of the canister’s head. As much as possible, we don’t want any leakage to occur once you spray the canister, which is why this first step must be strictly followed.
  2. Be sure that the cream mixture is already prepared. All you have to do is just add up the cream, confectioners’ sugar, and vanilla extract to get that distinctive whipped cream taste. After that, just whip the mixture by whisking for about 4 minutes until the cream gets foamy. Note that there is no need to add up some stabilizers anymore because the charger’s nitrous oxide will do the trick instead.
  3. Once done with creating the whipped cream mixture, it’s time to finally prepare it on the canster. Just place all the cream into the canister.
  4. Once your desired amount of whipped cream is applied, screw the top of the canister first, then screw the top part firmly to finally seal it once again. This time, place the whipped cream charger into the dispenser’s holder to load up the N2O on the canister. The small tip of the charger should be facing upwards so then it will work perfectly.
  5. After that, twist the charger’s holder towards the head of the canister until you hear a hissing sound. The hissing sound means that the nitrous oxide in the cream charger is finally getting incorporated into the canister, serving as the gas inside the dispenser. This effectively seals the cream inside the canister.
  6. To stabilize the whipped cream inside the canister, shake it for 10 to 15 seconds. You should still notice that the cream is in liquid form. But when you shake it, you will notice that the liquid starts to feel like it’s lessening. This means that the cream is getting more stabilized. The less you feel the liquid is still present in the canister, the more stable it is going to become.
  7. Turn the whipped cream canister upside down to ensure that no leakage will occur. If there is cream dripping out of the canister, redo the while process instead as spraying the cream out will just cause more issues.

What To Do When Refilling?

All you need to do is just release all the leftover gas inside the canister to unseal it. All you have to do is just press and hold the nozzle until it becomes hard to press, indicating that there’s no more gas in it. Unscrew the top part of the canister next since there’s no more gas and it will be easy to do it. After that, empty the whole cream so then you can finally add a new batch.

Creating whipped cream using the whipped cream chargers and whipped cream canisters is the most recommended technique for you to prepare and apply the whipped cream so then it can become enjoyable for any food you want to have some cream on top of it. This is also a fun activity to do with the kids, as they will feel amazed by how science and technology have allowed us to make whipped cream much better through the use of these whipped cream chargers and canisters.


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