How To Improve Squarespace E-commerce Website

Squarespace E-commerce Website

There are ample benefits of using Squarespace for building your website. Squarespace makes it easy for you to set up your website and get going. There is no worry about maintenance or plugins; it just works. There is no need for coding, and the layout is quite flexible. You can also find 24*7 support for Squarespace.

You can improve your Squarespace e-commerce website without coding with Smartarget. You can increase customer engagement and generate more sales for your online business with Smartarget apps. It will help in growing your business.

Role Of Smartarget

With Smartarget, you can transform your visitors into leads. The apps such as Squarespace Whatsapp for customer support, along with Popup and FAQs, can help connect with customers. It offers a preferable medium for visitors to connect with you as they are your prospective customers. This can help in boosting your sales figures and revenue. You can also use this medium for promoting special offers and last-time deals. You can get more subscribers and inform more about your business to potential clients.

One of the best things about Smartarget apps is that they work with all platforms. There are as many as 57, 893 websites connected with Smartarget apps, and the average rating from users is 4.92, which can vouch for the utility and excellence of Smartarget apps.

You can also receive weekly performance reports along with detailed apps analytics to review how apps are benefitting your business.

Here’s a look at how to improve Squarespace e-commerce websites:

  • Add WhatsApp on your Squarespace website

One of the best ways of improving your ecommerce website is adding WhatsApp on your Squarespace site. By using Smartarget, you can enable prospective customers to connect with you via WhatsApp. And it is absolutely free. All you need to do is sign-up on Smartarget and connect the <<WA- Contact Us>> app to your account. This will allow you to integrate WhatsApp into your Squarespace store using a special plugin. All this can be done within a few minutes without any special coding skills. You can also use other apps for connecting with potential customers.

  • Be consistent with the content

One of the best ways of improving the SEO of the Squarespace website is posting content regularly. Search engines value and prioritize websites that are updated regularly. When the content is relevant, it will improve and maintain your rankings in SERPs. When the content is freshly published, it is a sign to the search engine that the site is active and must be indexed often for updates.

  • Create quality content with keywords

Apart from consistency, the quality of the content also matters. If you have some content on your website, adding keywords can be overwhelming. However, you can start with the highest priority pages and the pages having a direct impact on the business. You must focus on adding relevant keywords.

  • Maintaining accessibility standards

You must ensure that each page on your website meets the accessibility standards. It will further help in improving the site ranking. Give each of your pages a title and descriptions, along with adding alt text and captions to the images on the page.

The title sends a signal to the search engines and users about what your page contains. You must make sure that your title tag includes the focus keyword. The process of editing titles in Squarespace can be different depending on the page you are editing, such as the homepage, regular page, blog post, or product page.

  • Accurate product information

Your product information should be accurate on your website. Whether it is product information, product images, videos, media, pricing, or more, every information should be accurate.

  • Dynamic page design

You can use content blocks for creating your webpage. The content blocks consist of image sliders, text blocks, and videos. For a great customer experience, you can mix and match the content blocks. Contrasting the blocks will help the customers in identifying different pages and offers. This will also help in making your page attractive and highlighting a product in a better way.

  • Clear conversion path

For your Squarespace e-commerce website, it is important to create a clear conversion route. A colourful CTA button on the page will make it stand out. If a certain button leads to conversion, highlight it enough to make it stand out on the page. Eye-catching conversion buttons will grab the visitor’s attention.

Try to pick colours for your website that are in sync with your brand logo colour palette.

  • Give access to customer service

Apart from offering easy checkout and website navigation, you should also make it easy for the customers to reach you. Create a contact us section along with important options such as live chat, integrated social media channels, FAQ section, and more. Adding variety will help in meeting diverse customer needs.

We all are aware of how powerful the Squarespace e-commerce website is. With Smartarget, you can make it even better! And it works on both desktop and mobile! What else could one ask for? Connect with Smartarget and give a mileage to your business growth.


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