Hotel Marketing: Channels and Strategies to Increase Reservations

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Hotel marketing encompasses a wide variety of topics, skills and strategies that hotel firms must know, and also master, if they want to optimize the success of their hotel business and attract as many travelers as possible.

Because the digital marketing landscape is changing so rapidly and more so in the tourism sector after the Coronavirus crisis, it is important that your hotel uses the best marketing ideas to boost your business and make the most of all available resources.

This article will help you understand the different categories of hotel marketing, thanks to clear lessons and examples on how to take a big step this year and get ahead of your competitors, capturing potential guests before your rivals have a chance.

Marketing Avenues Available to Hotels Online

Hotels Primarily Market themselves Online Today

In recent years, there has been a huge emergence of agents and formats that have made this possible, and consumers no longer depend on offline advertisements such as billboards, billboards, or television and radio advertisements.

Hotel Marketing Strategies to Increase your Reservations

There is no single way to advertise your hotel on the different channels, but we can give you some advice on where your hotel should be to attract guests and some tactics to optimize the experience.

1. Take Advantage of Social Networks in your Hotel Strategy

Social networks are no longer just platforms where users want to spend their free time, they have also become powerful search tools where they can be inspired and find out about products, services and, also, travel.As such, there is no doubt that they present a great opportunity for hotels to capture the attention of potential guests.

2. Using Google Ads for Hotel Advertisements

Google Hotel Ads is the best ally to get reservations through online searches without depending on OTAs.On the one hand, advertising your hotel rooms through this tool will help you send traffic to your own reservation system.

On the other hand, you will get much more visibility on the Google results page. With Google Hotel Ads we find the possibility of appearing through:

  • Payment searches (SEM)
  • Hotel Ads Results
  • Organic results (SEO)

3. Make Hotel Videos a Part of your Marketing Strategy

Travelers love to find inspiration through video, with about 65% of them watching videos when thinking about taking a trip and choosing a destination, and 54% more use videos when choosing accommodation.In addition, video is the best way to connect emotionally and involve your users.

Consequently, using video marketing in your hotel marketing strategy:

  • You will be 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results.
  • You will be 10 times more likely that users will interact and share.
  • 80% of visitors will be more likely to see a video rather than read a text.
  • Your hotel will be 67% more likely to get a reservation.

4. Don’t Forget to Position your Hotel with SEO

All of these paid hotel marketing strategies and variety of formats are fine, but you should also have a brand presence in organic search.

Bearing in mind that the first page of Google results receives more than 90% of all traffic, for your hotel to rank you must prioritize the key components of ‘search engine optimization’.

Take advantage of your payment strategy to combine SEO and SEM in a complete and successful hotel marketing strategy with making hotel receipt online or offline.

5. Email Marketing also for your Accommodation

The first step in a hotel email marketing strategy is to optimize your lists.Make sure you have a large database of quality prospects and segment them whenever possible.

Review your current lists and analyze past results. Perfect your contact acquisition by including a simple registration form on your website and take advantage of all channels both online and offline to obtain valuable information from your target audience.

How to Focus your Hotel Marketing Strategy Effectively

The hotel marketing strategy is the vision established by a marketing team that determines the tactics, branding and messages that will be used to attract customers.

Every successful hotel should take the time to get to know its audience, create a value proposition, and determine which channels it is on.Your marketing strategy must be unique, and for this you will need time to develop and adjust it.

In addition, having an expert partner in the tourism sector and digital channels and how to optimize them to get reservations without depending on OTAs, will help you generate more income and optimize your marketing budget.


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