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Banner Themes


Automotive advertising is always one platform where you can show some signs of creativity. It is also noted to be a big business with the top companies, which are spending more than $3 billion USD annually on advertising. As you have a high amount of money at stake, you need to be very sure of the automotive banner ad campaigns that you are looking for. It has to be exciting and clickable for sure, otherwise your entire hard work and money will go down the drain!

Automotive Design:-

Auto plan is the way toward fostering the appearance, and somewhat the ergonomics, of engine vehicles, including cars, bikes, trucks, transports, mentors, and vans.

The useful plan and advancement of a cutting edge engine vehicle is commonly done by a huge group from a wide range of disciplines included inside car designing, nonetheless, plan jobs are not related with prerequisites for Professional or Chartered-Engineer capabilities. Auto plan in this setting is principally worried about fostering the visual appearance or feel of the vehicle, however it is likewise associated with the formation of the item idea. Car plan as an expert vocation[1] is rehearsed by fashioners who might have a craftsmanship foundation and a degree in mechanical plan or transportation plan. The phrasing utilized in the field is found in the glossary of auto plan.

Interactive banner example from Volkswagen Rabbit:

This is one great interactive form of car banner ad from the team of Volkswagen. Here, the viewers are invited to type in commands for the said card and it will do the same. This is one fun way to keep up the views on the car banner ad and for also getting the media coverage because of its unique look.

But, there is one downside of this banner ad and it is that the banner is made using Adobe Flash. It means that viewers who are using their mobile devices for the ad will not be able to view it and will end up missing out the fun. So, you might want to avoid that as well!

The longest banner from BMW:

This is another interesting banner for the car ad, which you might get some inspiration from. This form of car ad banner will go against everything that you will find in your design book. It is text based, long, does not have the power of color in it and without any CTA. So, why is it even created on the first place?

The main idea of this banner is that the SUV can take you in any journey you want, much like this banner will take the reader on 5500 words journey. But, this ad is not for everyone, as most people will lose interest while running through run few lines. No one has time to read such a long ad, but that does not lower the fact that this ad is pretty unique.

Mercedes E-Class Estate:

Also noted as the “transportable banner” this car banner ad from the house of Mercedes will blur the line between the video banner and traditional banner ad. The main idea behind this advertisement is that Mercedes wanted to show how spacious their car is going to be but actually felt restricted by the banner’s size.

Here, the banner ad shows two guys just tearing the banner ad from the frame and them putting it right back into the car. The best thing about this banner ad is that it helps in getting the message across in a unique way. Even though the design is fascinating, the CTA is not displayed until end of the ad. So, it will force the viewers to watch the complete banner before clicking on.

These are few of the many banner ads that you are likely to come across for inspiration. Get the one for your use now!

Banner Design Inspiration

The flag needs to underscore what characterizes your vehicle — development

You have a secret weapon, and you need to play it in your publicizing procedure. While you can delve into subtleties and different purposes, the most secure is to play with the principle highlight of your item. For this situation — the speed of a vehicle.

I’m a racer, I love to speed, and I challenge you to show me something like one individual who doesn’t care for speed.

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Wake up a reaction – The Call-To-Action

Each industry has its own trigger words that proselyte. These CTAs are explicit, portray a feeling, an encounter, and so on, yet they the entire fall into what will your crowd get, how might they feel and what will they have on the off chance that they click on the advertisement.

Banner Ads Examples:-


Changing gears (punch) to a completely unique industry, here we have a flag advertisement model from AutoZone. Alluding to a particular problem area that your item or administration lightens is an awesome copywriting strategy; for this situation, it’s the really relatable situation of seeing your check motor light pop up. Impersonating this methodology is an incredible method to catch your possibilities’ eye.

Capital One:

You needn’t bother with a degree in visual computerization to perceive any reason why this Capital One advertisement functions admirably: It’s intended to take 5X jump off the screen. Like the group at Bridgewater State, the people who set up this victor comprehend that snaps aren’t all that matters. Regardless of whether you don’t click that “Find out More” button—credit to them for utilizing a low-pressure CTA, instead of something forceful like “Join Today”— you’ll recollect that Capital One offers a reserve funds rate 5X higher than the public normal.


A few things really never become unfashionable. Show A: the one next to the other examination strategy. There’s an explanation advertisers have been utilizing it for quite a long time: It’s a basic, direct, and agonizingly clear approach to impart the worth of your item or administration. It takes a small part of a negligible portion of one moment to get what our companions at Ridge are attempting to advise us. Off-kilter, inconvenient wallets are a relic of past times; assuming you need to stay aware of the occasions, you must choose the option to move up to a slimmer, sleeker model.


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