Best Top 3 Free Online Image to Text Converter Apps


Image-to-text conversion (OCR) is a technology that allows users to extract text from images or PDFs and turn it into editable data. This technology works with both hard and soft forms of data.

Hence, users can easily digitize the information from their documents through OCR technology. Later on, they can use the extracted information in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and content management systems.

From invoice processing to legal documents’ searchability and transcript processing, people use OCR technology in various fields. That is why different companies have created OCR tools. But today, let’s discuss the top 3 free online image to text converter apps for Android users. So, without any further delay, let’s get to the list.

List of the Top 3 Free Online Image to Text Converter Apps for Windows, or Android:

1.     Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner):

The first application is the best image to text converter app for android. Its name is Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner).

Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner) is a free android application that allows users to extract text from images accurately. But apart from this, this application has several other benefits. So, let’s see those benefits with the help of its features.

Benefits of Using “Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)”:

  • This android application has an ‘Auto Mode’ that automatically captures and scans the image at the perfect spot. So, the company (Renard Wellnitz) has used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to add the ‘Auto Mode’ functionality in this application.
  • The application uses a yellow color to indicate the capturing area of an image while using the ‘Auto Mode’ of this application. So, the yellow color is another plus point to the user experience of this application.
  • Once this application has extracted the text from an image, it will then allow the users to share the extracted text directly to other applications. This way, you can quickly share the data between your smartphone and computer.
  • Apart from this, users can also copy the extracted text from an image. Hence, users can directly paste the extracted text wherever they will want.
  • Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner) allows users to translate the extracted text into several other languages.
  • One of the key highlights of this application is its ability to work without the internet. Thus, the privacy of users’ data will never be an issue in this application.
  • This application automatically detects the language of the extracted text, as it supports 110 languages. So, the language barrier will hardly be an issue in this application.
  • It also provides the TTS (Text-To-Speech) facility. This way, the application can read the extracted text for its users.
  • This application cares about the format of the text because it scans the images carefully.
  • Last but not least, users can also save the extracted text in a PDF file. This way, they can easily use the extracted text to present in meetings.

Although I find this application perfect, still, it is my job to mention the drawbacks of the discussed application.

Drawbacks of Using “Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)”:

  • If ads annoy you, you won’t be pleased with this application because it contains ads.
  • This application does not support multiple images.

2.     Image to Text -OCR:

The second application on the top 3 free online image to text converter apps for Android devices’ list is Image to Text -OCR.

Image to Text -OCR is the second android application on this list. But the reason for putting this application on this list is its company PrePostSEO. This company is famous for producing SEO-friendly and valuable tools for bloggers and writers. So, this image-to-text extraction application is another live proof of it.

Positives of Using “Image to Text -OCR”:

  • Users can extract text from images with one click by using Image to Text -OCR.
  • The image accuracy of this application is 95%, which is more than you can ask from the free best image to text converter online tools.
  • The android application and web variant of this tool are ideal for working with low-quality images. So, it is the most highlighted perspective of this application.
  • Whether you want to capture an image on the go or pick an image from the gallery, this application is compatible with both requirements.
  • Users can also share the extracted text with other (installed) applications.
  • This application can also assist the users by reading the extracted text.
  • The Image to Text -OCR application keeps track of users’ conversions. This way, users can use those conversions later on if they want.

Negatives of Using “Image to Text -OCR”:

  • Unlike its web variant, the smartphone version doesn’t support other languages. So, this might be a deal-breaker for some users.
  • Like the first (discussed) android application, it also doesn’t support multiple images.
  • This application does not respect the formatting of the image 5% of the time.

3.     FreeOCR:

The third application on the image to text converter online free list is FreeOCR.

This application is a Windows app and several Windows users consider this application amongst the best OCR apps for Windows. But is it worth the hype? Let’s find out the answer to this question through its features.

Advantages of Using “FreeOCR”:

  • If you want to transfer the text from a PDF or picture file to other text editing programs in Windows, this application is ideal for you.
  • This application supports the scanning of PDF files and popular image formats, such as JPG, TIFF and various others.
  • The Tesseract OCR engine is now powerful enough to read the compressed TIFF image files. But courtesy of FreeOCR, users can even scan the compressed TIFF image files because it uses TWAIN and WIA scanning technology.
  • This application can easily integrate with Microsoft Word. Hence, users can directly export the scanned text to Microsoft Word. That is why it is the best OCR software free for Windows users.
  • Although a zone selection tool is necessary for most OCR tools, FreeOCR uses page layout analysis to bring accurate results without a zone selection tool.
  • Users can also search the scanned PDFs through this software. So, it is a pretty handy feature for Windows users.
  • This software is powerful enough to scan an entire document in one go, courtesy of its advanced Tesseract OCR engine.
  • FreeOCR supports English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish. However, if you need more languages, you can download those languages to expand the functionality of this application. So, the support of multiple languages provides universality to this application.
  • Beginners can take online help about the features of this software.
  • Plus, the UI of this software is user-friendly, which would be ideal for beginners.

Now, let’s hover over the disadvantages of this tool.

Disadvantages of Using “FreeOCR”:

  • It allows only one image scanning at a time.
  • Sometimes, this tool disturbs the format of the text extraction.
  • The company may have discontinued this software. So, users will not receive any future updates. That is the reason for putting this application on the last spot.

Final Verdict:

According to my research, the three discussed tools are the best free OCR tools available on Android and Windows platforms.

Although “Google Docs” also providesthe text-extraction-from-image facility, it is not a dedicated image-to-text extractor. So, I have not included Google Docs on this list, as this list targets the dedicated image extractors.


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