Look for These 7 Features Before Selecting A Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery Software


Today, the world is based on data. It is 2021; the information is stored online more than ever before. Businesses that are dependent on the data to function properly have become proactive in securing their data.

The demand for data recovery starts soaring up, creating a whole new industry in the market. The sheer number can confuse you. This is where we come into the frame with these seven features. These features will help you find the right data recovery software for your business.

Features of A Data Recovery Software

The data recovery market offers numerous solutions, but which one is better for you? Yes, that is a difficult question to answer. Well, not if you can add these features to your checklist.

1. Supported OS

Before you can start looking for data recovery software, you first need to know what operating system you have. The market is full of different data recovery software. Some support Mac, some support Windows, while some both. You must be looking for software that supports your system.

2. Flexible Scanning Modes

There are two types of scanning modes available in the data recovery industry. First, a quick scanning mode that helps the users scan and recovers recently lost and deleted data. Second, deep scanning mode helps the user recover inaccessible data. Some software offers only one. Hence, be vigilant with the scanning mode you get with the software.

3. Preview Before Recovery

Preview features come in handy when you want to recover only selectively. But the problem is that not all software has the preview feature. Either the data is restored, or it is not restored. Hence, the preview feature is something that you must keep your eye on.

4. Formatted Recovery

Disc formatting recovery is a premium feature available only in the selective few data recovery software. Formatting a disk doesn’t mean that the data is lost forever; it is just that you cannot access the data. With this feature, you will recover data from a formatted disc.

5. Crash Recovery

Hard drives are not always to blame for the data losses. It is sometimes that your system is not booting itself. When you find your system is dead, you can use crash recovery to recover data from the crashed system.

6. Recovery RAW Partition

There are times when the disc partition detaches itself from the system and is only visible as a RAW partition in the system. The RAW partition does not allow the users to access the data and ask the user to format it before using it. Hence, having this feature will help you access data even from a RAW partition.

7. Recover Data of Different File Type

We have used numerous software during our business journey. The sad truth is that most of the data recovery software has limited scanning services when it comes down to scanning different types of drives. It is hard to find data recovery software that scans all kinds of drives. While you are out there looking for software, ensure that you choose software that supports all types of drives.


When your business’s sole pillar is data, you must have the right data backups and data recovery strategy in place. In the modern age, data has become everything.

This article has discussed the different features a data recovery software needs to have in order to be considered a good data recovery solution. You can use these features to outline the type of data recovery software your need.

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