5 Best Graphic Design Ideas to Make Your Instagram Feed Eye-catching to Followers


Are you a graphic design professional with an Instagram page? If so, you know what it takes to design logos, create illustrations, working with applications, understanding design briefs, and meet client deadlines. You also have a portfolio to promote your graphic design work, but then you need to make your Instagram feed appealing to your followers and potential clients. Before you start working with more international clients on their graphic design projects, you need to need to curate your Instagram page to highlight your stunning logos, t-shirt graphics, and magazine illustrations.

According to an article published in Entrepreneur, you can use Instagram Stories to display some behind-the-scenes images. For example, you can show how you start conceptualizing a logo design and the work-in-progress as and when you proceed with the work to its completion.

In this article, you will learn about the five useful tips to make your Instagram feed stand out and appeals to your followers. Here is how:

  1. Use the right color combinations

Color plays a significant role in graphic design and one of the most essential elements to consider for your projects. Color is something people notice first, thus prepares the look and feel of your Instagram feed. Your design looks spectacular if you have knowledge of color theory in graphic design. All colors have meanings and relate to some emotion or mood. For instance, red is often used in restaurant logos because this color rouses appetite. That is why most bistros have used red as their color theme. Again, blue denotes reliability and so banks and financial institutions use blue in their logos and branding materials.

Integrate color theory to make your Instagram feed more appealing to your existing and potential clients. You need to focus on the emotions related to specific colors you want your fans to associate with while visit your social media page, thus conveying the right message related to your graphic design business. Once you have decided on a color combination, stay consistent so that your audience identifies your brand and Instagram content when those show up in their feeds.

  1. Use the right lighting

Your followers will not like tosee dark photos and videos taken in poor lighting. Make sure your Instagram feed looks bright and detailed. For instance, when you take photos or shoot videos for behind-the-scenes shots, ensure proper lighting to create the right exposure. If you are shooting outside, make sure you time your photos depending on favorable climatic conditions. Avoid sharing Reels or behind-the-scenes videos on a cloudy day.

Remember that your photos and videos on Instagram must be of the best quality to buy50 Instagram likesinitially and later increase more with user engagement. Instagram is a visual social app where only the best, high-definition photos work and not dark, hazy images. Therefore, besides the use of proper lighting, you also need to edit the photos to pique audience interest.

You need to have some basic knowledge of camera and lighting effects to create a sharp focus for your Instagram photos. Change contrast, exposure, and brightness to make your Instagram feed alluring to your followers.

  1. Keep things simple

You do not need to be a professional photographer, but have some basic knowledge and a hand at tweaking photos using tools and filters to create an eye-catching IG feed. Then, edit and use filters in moderation. Overdoing it will ruin your images. In simple words, you need to know what you are doing when it comes to your Instagram feed. Keep things simple and elegant.

Take photos of something your followers will find appealing. There is no need to create posed visuals. The subject of the photo snapped in its natural setting works far better than extremely staged images. For example, if you have a book cover design for a murder mystery novel, take a photo of the handheld microscope you designed and highlight the same. Designing simple images and illustrations work well for your followers.

  1. Use relevant photos

When it comes to your Instagram photos, they must be relevant to your profession, graphic design in your case. The visuals should resonate with your audience, else; your followers will fail to relate to your personal branding and cannot relate to your services,how to benefit from the offerings, etc.

When it comes to your graphic design portfolio, you need to show how the featured-design work supports a brand and solves a business challenge.

  1. Use white space

The greatest challenge to work with your Instagram feed is balancing the use of images and negative space or white space. It is the space surrounding the photo subject and offers some breathing area for the viewers to take in the beauty of the imageries. Use white space to make your photos easy on the eyes so that users can consume the content.


Instagram is a visual tool to help graphic design professionals to reach out to their targeted audience and building brand image for your business. There are a number of designers out there looking for clients, such as Design Pickle. Keep these tips in mind to make your IG feed pop to pique audience interest.


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