7 Steps to Making a Custom Logo for Business

custom logo

There is a big difference between managing a Graphic Design program and designing or making a custom logo under a concept or purpose, such as that of a person who offers you a Doodle for a few pennies, who gives you a good job for a fair value. And you know why there is this big difference? It exists due to the ignorance of people who do not know the importance of a brand, which speaks for itself of a company or product; They believe that it is fashion or something unimportant, when it really is the first impression they give to an important future client and that by wanting to save money, they may be losing a good business, and why not? even the business of their lives.

What does this harsh reality have to do with this article? It is because I want that if you are one of those who deliver doodles for a low price, you begin to receive a fair value for quality work, which surely you can do and with what you will learn today, sustain the result of your valuable time and excellent work.

What Information you need for Making a Custom Logo?

  • What do you work on?
  • (What does it offer? Sell a product or provide a service, and of what type)
  • About the company or product
  • (Years in the market, competition, mission and vision, values)
  • What do you want to project?
  • (Trust, Security, Happiness)
  • Target or target audience to which it is directed
  • (Ages, Professions, Likes, Social Status, Geographical Location)

Once you have collected as much information as possible, it is time for you to focus and focus a lot on this part, brainstorm, gather aspects and elements based on all the information collected previously with the creative briefing, observe that it is the most representative of your client, which elements stand out and find all the options you have to represent correctly and original; This process can be delayed, take the necessary time, because this is where the bases for the design of your brand are born.

Important Note for Making a Custom Logo

Write down any idea that goes through your head, but be careful with falling into clichés, look a little beyond what anyone can see, try that your ideas are not similar to others that are already established in the market, unlike they are much better, many times the subconscious can play a trick on us and we can end up committing plagiarism without wanting to.

Do not be scared when they tell you to draw, because it is not so important that your drawings are perfect, the main objective of sketching is that you organize or capture your ideas and you can see an approximate result, make corrections, add or remove details and that of all the ideas you drew you can get a much better pre-design than you had thought, remember not to marry the first idea, you can get advice from colleagues, acquaintances, but not your best friends or family, because for them your designs will always be works of art perfect.

The most suitable for your brand is that you use less than 3 typographic fonts, try to make these fonts readable at a safe distance, avoid using fonts with many “Ornaments” or Serifs, so that they are much more readable, also avoid placing outlines around them and many colors in a messy way.

The way in which our brain perceives colors and its reaction to them, has become a key part when selecting the color of a brand or product, colors reflect and express sensations and make our brain respond in a certain way to time to perceive a color.

With technology and multiple communication platforms, both print and digital, and the thousands of impacts we receive daily from advertisers in the digital and print media, our brains are less likely to remember a brand, let alone if it is not. adapts to different surfaces and media.

Last but not least, remember to observe the details of your design very well while you are making a custom logo, it is time that you have a malicious mind and that you are able to criticize yourself, that you find any minimum detail of double standards, because once your design is exposed , you will find people who will look for the bad and perverse side to perhaps make fun of your creations, although many times it is not necessary to have so much perverse mind to know that some designs are really not adequate and in some cases express something very different.

Although a logo is never% 100 accepted by all people, it is good that you listen to all the criticisms and apply the changes that you deem appropriate, when exposing your design to the client, you should know that he may understand very little about design and You must explain why you have created the logo in such a way, since if you do not, you will probably not be satisfied and will not recognize the work, nor the reason for the design you have made.


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