The Importance of JavaScript for Web Developers


JavaScript is a popular programming language that web developers use for Web application development. Being a client-side programming language, it helps the developer to make dynamic and interactive web pages. The use of customized client-side scripts helps developers who use cross-platform runtime engine to write server-side code in JavaScript. You might be surprised that most of the websites are developed by JavaScript, with more than 10 million developers. Making the applications to be more interactive is the job of the developer who uses the JavaScript.

What JavaScript has to offer

Developers have options in choosing the JavaScript frameworks or also known as the MEAN stack whose components further lighten the burden of the developer such as

  • AngularJS- supported by Google
  • ReactJS or ExpressJS- simplify development of single-page and multiple page websites
  • NodeJS- is a cross-platform and server-side runtime environment
  • MangoDB- schemelessNoSQL database

There are several other frameworks, but the MEAN stack developers can write both front and back-end of the website using JavaScript, and the components of the stack are interoperable. The developer can work with Javascript in varied applications to be robust and also be scalable. The developer has to work on his/ her proficiency in JavaScript to help develop a user-friendly app.

How Developers use JavaScript

We already know that JavaScript can help implement the client-side scripts as well as the writer’s server-side code. But the best part is the web developers can now easily simplify the entire web development process right to

  •  The composition of the applications
  • JavaScript libraries can create shadow DOM boundaries
  • The structure of the web application can be simplified
  • The DOM can also help to decouple components individual libraries JavaScript

The web developers have to cater to the need of making the designing responsive for

  • Multiple browsers
  •  devices

They would have to combine with CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript to be responsive and be optimized for mobile devices.

JavaScript can be extended

With the Accelerated Mobile Pages technology is kind of a boon for the developers by using the JavaScript and others for optimizing websites. Since it happens to be a lightweight programming language though lacking robust features that programming languages of today. Above all, you could extend JavaScript to transpilers like

  • CoffeeScript
  • Typescript
  • DukeScript
  • Vaadin

these help to meet the requirements of the developer’s application of large enterprise, which has a complex workflow.

JavaScript is an evolving language

The modern demands of the language are multifold. JavaScript is trying to keep pace with other languages by evolving with the latest versions of JavaScript being launched which has better features like

  • New classes
  • Modules
  • Module loaders
  • Generators and symbols
  • Unicode support
  • Reflect API

You can find the multiple browsers support JavaScript like

  • Google
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • And others

Even if JavaScript is disabled, the user can still enjoy the functionality of the site. The endearing part of using JavaScript is that it is easy to write than most languages and does not need a particular program or tool for the code. Using editors to spot the mistakes and reformatting will help discover the bugs in the code, and you can correct the error and without much hassle at all.


javascript developers for hire is every developer’s arsenal to develop the most dynamic web pages that you see on websites. It makes the web developing job a whole lot less complex and giving the developer to make responsive applications that could run across various platforms and devices.


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