Ultimate Guide About Ohaus Analytical And Precision Balance


When working in a laboratory, analytical, and precision balance is a critical factor in measuring the weights of different substances. While conducting an experiment, if you are not mixing the ingredients in the perfect proportion, high chances of unfavorable consequences are always there. OHAUS develops the Pioneer Series of Ohaus Analytical and Precision balances for the routine weighing purposes. Apart from the laboratories, many educational and industrial organizations also prefer the usage of these balances.

In this article, we will discuss all the  Ohaus Analytical and Precision balances  in more detail. So, go through it and get a fair idea about the advantageous features and necessities of using them.

Discussion About Analytical Balances

Ohaus Weighing India Private Limited is one of the best producers of analytical, pioneer and explorer balances. The company prefers to give the buyers complete satisfaction in terms of their products. So, to fulfill all the primary weighing needs, Ohaus offers advanced pioneer analytical balances. These are easy to operate without any complications. Keeping in mind the preferences of the regular users, the draft shield’s design in this Pioneer series contains easily removable panels and doors. The marvelous design is all the more apparent as it makes the equipment look presentable, indeed. The different components of the  analytical balance  include the following;-

  • Software lockout
  • Auto tare
  • Selectable environmental filters
  • User selectable communication and printing settings
  • Auto standby
  • Reset menu

Thus, if you opt for the Ohaus Analytical balances, you get the opportunity to enjoy all sorts of special features to satisfy the weighing requirements. The draft shield comes with glass panels and three sliding doors. You can easily remove the same for cleaning and storing purposes. There will not be any question regarding durability due to the metal base and stainless steel pan’s presence. Along with this, the other remarkable features include integral weigh below hook, security bracket, ABS Housing, calibration lock, and full housing in-use cover. Also, the up-front level indicator will inform you about the exact quality you are weighing and whether it is overweight or not. This indicator is positioned just beside the display unit. Before use, the user will be able to identify whether the balance is at the level. Thus, the analytical balance will really be a lovely aid for taking the correct measurement of the requisite substances.

Special Features Of Precision Balances

There are different models of the Ohaus Precision Balances. Let us discuss the special points of some of these;-

  • Explorer Precision: This equipment is a highly secured device that comes with password protection and a non-editable system. Thus, the four-level user management system is absolutely an ideal option for regulated applications. Along with this, the explorer balances are incredibly durable and give an accurate reading. It also has programmable IR sensors, color touchscreen, and frameless draft shield. So, it is very convenient to use and makes your job an effortless one.
  • Explorer Precision High Capacity: The 2-D shock protection feature is an addition to all the advantages of the previous model. So, the machine’s weighing cell is built from a solid metal block that ensures the accuracy of the substances you weigh. The other unique components are the same as before.
  • Adventurer Precision: The ergonomic design of this fabulous equipment, along with the icon-based user interface, makes it one of the most convenient tools for weighing purposes. The specialized weighing modes, flexibility, multiple connectivities, easy configuration are the reasons behind its versatility. Moreover, due to the amazing design, you can easily save a lot of space. Therefore, these are suitable options for educational institutes as well as industrial and lab environments.

There are many other models with varied features that will not disappoint you on account of durability, accuracy, and security.

Comparison Between Analytical And Precision Balances

Now, let us make a brief comparison between the Ohaus analytical and precision balances. Sometimes, measuring the weight of very small samples also becomes a necessity to get an idea about the product. Also, when you are mixing different substances of small amounts, precise measurements are crucial. The analytical balances come into the picture at this point of time. On the other hand, when your measuring materials are of higher quantity, precision balance will be more preferable. Thus, we can say that the precision balances’ capacities are higher than that of the analytical balances.

The general weighing capacity of the analytical balance ranges between 54-520 grams, whereas the readability can be of 0.005 to 0.1 Mg. In the case of precision balances, the usual capacity for the Ohaus models is 35000 grams. Apart from this, the capacities can vary from a hundred grams to figures in kilograms. Thus, you can quickly check the precise weight of the material up to one milligram.


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