Top 10 Gaming Mouse to Buy in 2021

1. Logitech G203 Light sync

You know best gaming mouse is provide you right feel for grip and give great performance. If you are want a mouse then it is very important that your hand feel belong to, good features and more important strong sensor will increase the flow of game play.

Gaming mice are now changed in few years and now everyone using wireless mice which are awesome to use. A good gaming mouse have high polling rate just for smooth cursor movements and flicks.

We will make a good list of best gaming mouse for make your decision easy means to choose right mouse for you and they are:

  1. Logitech G203 Light sync:

There are many type of mouse which you can afford but you can get the some mouse with confidence like Logitech G203. It is all around performer, consistent performance in package, deliver stable and it is best cheap gaming mouse in now time. Its sensor is up to 8000 DPI and you get responsive switches. The main difference between G203 and this is only to inclusion of three zone RGB lighting on light sync.

  1. Razer Death Adder V2:

It is very fantastic mouse with good shape for all type of grips and size. You can also play hundred hours using browsing and Photoshop and one more important thing razer never messes with their shape. Their DPI Razer is 20000 with optical sensor and also provides flawless tracking by which you can move mouse as much possible. If you are a gamer then it is fantastic mouse because their design is simple with perfect placed, size thumb buttons.

  1. Razer Naga Pro:

The function and form of this mouse is coming from long time but it is best MMO mouse for us and it is tiny, you feel comfortable with high quality sensor and three thumb grip which is interchangeable, button arrays idea for MMOs, MOBAs and other use. You know MOBA array is very good to use which contain six buttons laid in two rows so it is enough buttons for multiple abilities. One more thing that you don’t know which is that this year naga company improve in battery life of mouse.

  1. Steel series Prime Wireless:

You know this mouse is no frills; it is high performance machine which designed to meld your palm and make the FPS good which was everyone dream. Steelseries say that it work with many esports pros to develop good shape and weight which feel like extension of your arm.  It also contains a rechargeable battery for 100 hours per charge which you can use for a week. It is very comfortable for gaming and work, input lag is no issue so you can buy this mouse.

  1. Steel Series Sensei 310:

It is updated version of steel series and a reinvented classic mouse. You know everything is same except its ambidextrous shape and how it looks; it also added plastic shell and also contains sensei which is gripper can useful for off a sweaty palm. This mouse will completely fit in your hand and it’s their shape is excellent for right handed or left handed. You know it has a pair of thumb buttons on right and left but on issue is occurred for mice is that it can be easy to accidentally click in the wrong side’s button as you hold the  mouse.

  1. Corsair Katar Pro XT:

If anyone wants a comfortable gaming mouse, good specced at affordable price then this mouse is best for you and it is best gaming mouse. It is lightweight mouse which is good for long gaming session which you can quickly adjust. Its profile is low but it is nice, good shaped, not feel cheap and a budget mouse. You know the updated version of this mouse is slightly more good and reliable gaming companion.

  1. Logitech G Pro Wireless:

This mouse is peerless when it uses as cord free pointers and packing Logitech excellent is 16000 DPI and you get the experience of latency free. You know it is 80g weight means it is very light but you don’t think it is disposable or cheap like some lighter mice instead of this it is made of high quality material and give good performance. Every component of this mouse is very light and durable as possible with thickness of chassis side is not sacrificing density.

  1. Glorious Model O:

This type of mouse will save weight from their whole filled chassis and instead of other glorious mouse is very tiny and lightweight which will make them awesome fit for fingertip grips especially for heavy games and the model will also feel.  You know model o not carry most specs but other mouse like honeycomb give you awesome feeling while gaming, responsive control and provide reliable and it will also provide well tracked flicks and easy responses.

  1. Razer Naga Trinity:

If you are seeking for gaming mouse then versatility is very important key it means you can allocates more macros, use more buttons or others. MMO have some problem like they feature in a very specific way of gripping with many keys and razer will change the look with naga trinity which will provide you separate three left hand grips, simple numpad, a circular button pad, with 7 switches. On the top you get pixart sensor, helper of RGB and ergonomic pinky also.

  1. Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless:

You know there some things are consider when you are buying a gaming mouse in which first is that your hand feel comfortable with mouse so before committing to buy mouse you have to check which type of mouse is large or small, other is about their profile , extra buttons, wireless connectivity, tunable weight or RGB lighting.


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